Subnautica’s Castles & Coffee Update

Posted on 26 Jan 2017 by
Lee Braden

Another big update hits Subnautica today bringing with it new precursor items and a coffee machine, as well as a few other things with the latest update.

As mentioned last update, the terrain deformation via base building has been removed, this will make late game deep base building different to a lot of people, but its a step forward towards stability. Speaking of bases, the coffee machine that you can pick up now dispenses coffee (or should do at least) along with the new trash can and bio-hazard trash can getting rid of your waste items, and beds!…to pass the time.

The snacks vending machine now works and will dispense a bag of crisps, so something to munch on besides fish, but you won’t be able to survive alone off of just crisps you greasy bastard. The Grav-Sphere has had it’s final model update, and is very handy for capturing small fish early game, and then the resources drilled off large nodes in later game moments, plus other handy uses that you can discover too.

The Air Bladder has been given it’s final model as well, this device is handy for rapid ascents to the surface. Precursor bases now have little repair droids walking about that will engage unknown entities so be careful, and a new power source that can revolutionize your batteries is also waiting to be discovered in one of these new bases.

A big change to the beacon system which was asked for by a lot of players has been added, the ability to colour code and turn off HUD markers from your beacons and vehicles for example. So, time to dive in once more, explore the world of 4546b and see what new items there are, as there are a lot I haven’t listed here, but it is an exploration game after all…so get out there and explore!

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