The Voice Isn’t in Your Head, It’s from the Deep

Posted on 21 Jun 2017 by
Lee Braden

Unknown Worlds has hit up Subnautica with yet another exciting update, Voice of the Deep. This new expansion brings us even more closer to that inevitable v1.0 holy land.

Starting off, the PDA has been redesigned quite heavily, blueprints now have categories rather than the jumbled mess it was before, certain items are now smaller due to the new design not being locked to squares, as well as a graphical overhaul to pretty much everything. More precursor objects have been placed, these serve a purpose that is hidden and odd, some won’t do anything until you find the right way, others are just big tubes with no known function.

The door to the Primary Containment Facility has been opened, what mystery will await you inside it’s halls filled with specimens from over a thousand years ago, along with some… not from this world. A new life-pod has been detected in an area classified as “Crag Fields”, it has some interesting goodies in it, maybe of some use to people, just watch out for the locals. The Cyclops has had some improvements to the system, including being able to shut down the engine, the shield has been improved and emergency silent running can be activated at any time now.

There are a lot of general improvements to existing zones, as of new textures and fixing of plants, also item models have been improved to fit with the Subnautica aesthetic. One minor change that has annoyed some is that air tanks no longer stack, but a new larger tank has been added that you can craft early on. So, if you are like me, sweating in the ungodly heat that is ravaging England, may I suggest you get your swimsuit on and go for a dive.

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