Ghosts Under the Sea

Posted on 21 Aug 2017

Unknown Worlds Entertainment has released their 3-in-1 patch for Subnautica.

After a long wait due to a lot of small stuff that needed to be addressed in the background that caused some delays. Now, everyone’s favourite Seamoth destroyer the Reaper Leviathan has been given new and more realistic textures, so for those of us brave enough to get up close can marvel at it. A new threat has also been added, the Ghost Reaper, living in the deep dark depths of the seas, stalking and waiting, just don’t get too silly and you will be fine.

More work to the endgame has been added such as a redesigned Primary Containment Facility, Enzyme 42 and the ability to deactivate the Quarantine Enforcement Platform. Due to the redesign of the PCF, the baby Emperors will now spawn and float around the seas curing the lifeforms as well.

To finalise the living things on 4546B we have the final model of Seatreader poop, yes, it’s even on the video above. Technologically speaking from Alterra though, we have the finalised version of the Power Transmitter, which is handy for getting power from one area to another, and does look far better than the temporary model, also new wrecks from the Aurora have been added as well.

Cyclops 4.0 has been added, this fixes a few of the issues found in testing, including making it survive attacks by smaller predators as well, and a raft of new minor upgrades.

So, head on over to the patch notes and read them as the 3GB patch downloads to upgrade to the latest edition, and then have fun.

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