The Subnautica Order Is: Engage the Silent Drive

Posted on 28 Apr 2017 by
Lee Braden

Unknown Worlds pushes another huge update for Subnautica, and this one gives more functionality to the Cyclops.

Being a contentious update by some on the Subnautica Subreddit and Discord server, as that some people have complained about the Cyclops no longer being invincible, this update effectively re-writes the book for the mobile base. The Cyclops can now have different speeds, ranging from the almost stealth silent running (with red lighting) to the engine damaging flanking speed to get out of an area quickly, also included are new modules, such as; Docked Repair, Sonar and Decoy Launcher.

The reason for the silent drive is that creatures now may attack the Cyclops for being too close to them, hence why now the Shield is an upgrade as well as a new Holo Display showing fires, and where the sub is damaged. To help with that is the aforementioned Decoy System, as well as a passive life form display to show where threats are, so you can try to avoid them, but if all else fails and your Cyclops takes too much damage, you can abandon ship and head home, build a new one and salvage stuff from the wreck which will have a marker for some time.

Also updated are the resource nodes that you mine, so it’s easier to tell different materials apart, the default HUD has been given an overhaul and looks prettier, new creature eggs have been added for you to hatch as well. Two new Precursor caves have been added, furthering the mystery of who those people where, and these have some interesting aesthetics to them that look strange until you explore deeper.

And as a final part, each wrecked life-pod now has a data-box attached to it, and these contain some rare blueprint for useful items, be it the Stillsuit or Glide Fins, so more reason to explore them, and there are also new options in the settings page to help with graphical issues.

So, get exploring, and don’t forget to activate the silent drive and have some toast with a few shots of Vodka.

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