Elite Dangerous: Odyssey – Announcement

Dedicated forum commanders may have known about some of this ahead of time but Frontier have officially revealed the next major expansion for Elite Dangerous which is titled Odyssey. Odyssey will introduce space legs (walking around places), atmospheric landings, first-person shooter combat, new objectives including stealth missions and diplomacy. Odyssey is releasing in early 2021.
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SnowRunner is Sabre Interactive’s new entry into the xRunner line of games which, for the uninitiated, are all about getting trucks stuck in mud and water. Okay, they’re actually about making deliveries of various cargo through wilderness locations but you’re going to spend most of your time stuck in mud. SnowRunner adds a bit more…
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Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord

Fans of the Mount & Blade series have had to wait a long time for the Early Access release of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, a sequel to series highpoint Warband. The world is vast and full of opportunities, both for stabbing and for profit. But does Bannerlord measure up to the series high point?…
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Elite Dangerous – Fleet Carriers Coming December

Over the weekend, Frontier have announced the December update for Elite Dangerous will include the arrival of much anticipated Fleet Carriers. These colossal ships will no doubt not be cheap so best get space trucking. An update in September will also overhaul cosmetics with a new in-game currency called Arx which can be earned by…

Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter 4 Release Date

The beta for Elite Dangerous's upcoming content patch Beyond – Chapter 4 has ended. Don't fret though, you won't have to wait long for those shiny new ships and exploration mechanics to make a comeback because the update will be going live on the regular branch of the game on 11 December 2018 for PC,…

Elite Dangerous – Mamba Reveal Trailer

Elite Dangerous will be getting two new ships with the free Beyond – Chapter 4 update, amongst other improvements to exploration and mining. Embedded above is the shiny new trailer for the Mamba, a sleek racing type combat ship that packs a huge amount of firepower for a medium ship. Last night also hosted the…
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Subnautica: Below Zero Announcement

It’s time to slide under the ice. In a short and sweet announcement, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has told us that the new stand alone expansion to Subnautica is to be called Below Zero. Expanding on the story of 4546b after the return of Ryley Robinson to Alterran space, an expedition is sent to the planet,…

Conan Exiles Launch Date and Pricing Details

Funcom's latest stab at the Conan franchise now has a confirmed release date: 8 May 2018. We're not sure if that's a date relevant to Conan but if it is it's probably the day he heard lamentations (they're very precious to him) or drank something out of a skull. Along with the release we've got…

Crest Community Update And Trailer

Commandment issuing god game, Crest has received a large community update. The update is focused on allowing more expression, as such some of the new features available are; monuments built by your followers, more visual elements of the world affected by your actions – wars will leave skeletons, ruins will decay, etc. There'll also be…
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PAX West 2017: Crest

A command from the people’s god rings throughout the land, echoing in the heads of all the followers. The citizens stop tending to their flocks, their villages, their farms, all in an attempt to parse its meaning “Young people.” And so, the ritual begins. This is Crest, a religion simulator from Swedish developer Eat…
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Prepare Your Anus Commander – The Thargoids Are Back

Update 2.4 for Elite: Dangerous has been released. Titled “The Return” it appropriately sees the return of series long running alien villains the Thargoids. Unfortunately there's not a whole lot to say at the moment because it's a big galaxy and not a lot has been seen in the couple of days since the patch's…

Some Things Just Want To Cuddle

Unknown Worlds Entertainment updates Subnautica with its early backer reward and some background fixes. Starting off, the Cutefish has been renamed Cuddlefish and has been added to the world, this little guy can help stave off insanity for a while at least, while also preforming tricks. The Vehicle HUD has been updated as well, to…