Subnautica: Below Zero Announcement

Posted on 30 Aug 2018 by
Lee Braden

It’s time to slide under the ice.

In a short and sweet announcement, Unknown Worlds Entertainment has told us that the new stand alone expansion to Subnautica is to be called Below Zero. Expanding on the story of 4546b after the return of Ryley Robinson to Alterran space, an expedition is sent to the planet, and of course due to his now crippling debts, it’s not like Ryley can return.

A new currently unnamed protagonist will be the researcher in this cold and underwater biome, with some new and returning vehicles, as well as new flora and fauna which you would expect in cold weather. Below Zero will be released in Early Access and go through the same cycle as Subnuatica did, and one somewhat funny bug that UWE has fixed was “Player takes damage getting off stationary bike” which is a hit to one of the new vehicles.

So, if you haven’t played Subnautica yet (and do not have Thalassophobia or get motion sick) I suggest you do. If you have VR, there is a VR option, but I will point out, yes it may look big enough to eat you, but that is no reason to run and fall over the sofa.

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