Subnautica to Stay a Single Player Game

Posted on 25 Aug 2016 by
Lee Braden

In a post today on the official Unknown Worlds Entertainment forums Cory Strider, the lead on Subnautica has said that it will stay a single player game. In the short post Cory mentions that due to the amount of work that has gone into making Subnautica now, it would take a few years work to recode stuff to handle multiplayer, and as any great developer would, he wants to give us a working game.

The news obviously hasn’t been received well. There were a lot of YouTube streamers that were saying this game would be multiplayer. I have several friends who have bought the game expecting mp to be added in, and several that were watching it only for the multiplayer aspect.

I myself though am glad in a way. As it stands there are a lot of Early Access survival multiplayer games out there on Steam. Some are very bad, others have procedurally generated areas, and some, like Ark, stand out as a good example of one that fans have made some great maps for. But they all have the same issue. Unless you are playing on a private server, you end up with the game evolving into a Battlefield or Call of Duty, with weapons you have to scavenge and craft to use, which is not something I personally find fun.

If you want a good single player survival game with a hand-crafted map, one that is evolving a great story, then I suggest you head on over to Steam and buy in. Subnautica is for the next week only £11.99 due to a 20% price reduction.

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