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ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Dec 2016­ by Keith Beeler

Project Genome, Now 10x Bigger and 70% the Cost

Project Genom is an MMORPG in its early stages of development, and has received a major update this week effectively increasing the map size by 10 times the previous size. Among other things, the update squashes bugs and overhauls some existing quests while adding many new ones along with several new dungeons. While all of these…
GAME PROFILE 22 Dec 2016 by David

Project Genom

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ANNOUNCEMENT 15 Dec 2016­ by Lee Braden

Time to Get Wintry in Fractured Space

Edge Case Games brings a touch of the holiday season to Fractured Space, along with some new items for the Phaser 2 update. These patches add in stuff like; better ship navigation in battles, new crew implant system, and the first implementation of match drafting, just to name a few. Breaking down the navigation update,…
NEWS 14 Dec 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

A Very Merry Overwatch Christmas

Dubbed “Overwatch’s Winter Wonderland,” the latest major update for Blizzard’s gigantic hero shooter sees the battlefields and characters of Overwatch get a little more festive for the holidays. A new arcade game mode, which sees teams of six facing off in snowball death-matches, plus two winter map variants, and another 100 cosmetic offerings (with associated loot…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Dec 2016­ by Lee Braden

Well, Now You Are Enlisted Soldier

Continuing with their near-accurate games, Gaijin Entertainment has teamed up with Darkflow Software to release Enlisted. Taking the realism that we see in War Thunder, and also in Blackmill Games’ Verdun, you will play as a soldier in a unit with objectives and fight near-historical battles down to the last man. Going away from with the…
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ANNOUNCEMENT 08 Dec 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Paragon’s Largest Update to Date Brings Innumerable Change…

The third-person MOBA/shooter hybrid coming from Epic Games has seen quite a bit of changes since its early alpha days, and with update 35, entitled “Monolith,” it looks to enter a new state of equilibrium and appeal. Boasting the rebalancing of every hero in the game, their abilities and base values, the Monolith update also…
ANNOUNCEMENT 30 Nov 2016­ by Max Halcomb

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Enlist Today!

Here’s one for you Beta watching folks. Tripwire Interactive, the team behind the goregasmic wave based FPS, Killing Floor 2, have just released a player customization highlight video for Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Check out the brand spankin’ new trailer up above, showing off the new customization system. Select between your favorite jammies' or that nice camo cargo-pant ensemble, dawn…
ANNOUNCEMENT 29 Nov 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Rainbow Six: Siege Year Two Season Pass Now Available

Exact details about the second wave of content for Siege are still forthcoming, but Ubisoft, in announcing the release of Operation Red Crow, which brought Japanese Special Forces and a map set in Nagoya to their competitive shooter, also announced was the Year Two Season Pass. Much like the first, it will bring eight new…
ANNOUNCEMENT 17 Nov 2016­ by Jordan Fong

Sombra Hacks The Planet in Overwatch

After months and months of being teased by Blizzard about the upcoming hero Sombra, we finally get to see what she’s capable of. In the past weeks, a grueling ARG (alternate reality game) was concluded and our shady friend finally showed her face. Sombra is an ace hacker who can hack other players and med…
ANNOUNCEMENT 12 Nov 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Rainbow Six: Siege’s Fourth Major Update Coming Soon

Operation Red Crow, the fourth such full-featured update to Rainbow Six: Siege, is coming soon, and with it brings a pair of trailers for two new operators, and likely a bit of preview footage for the new map. Above is the trailer for Hibana, the first post-release female attacker, who apparently says, “As my friend…
ANNOUNCEMENT 14 Oct 2016­ by Kyle Johnson

Battleborn Gets First Story DLC and New Competitive Mode

When you think of a big, lumbering mountain of a Thrall, you generally don’t think smooth jazz and film noir. The minds behind Battleborn think otherwise, and in the latest DLC update for Gearbox’s oft-maligned hero shooter, the first story operation does just that. Aiming to backfill on some of the lore missing from the…
ANNOUNCEMENT 22 Sep 2016­ by Lee Braden

Fractured Space Launches As Free-to-play

Edge Case Games has officially launched Fractured Space as a free-to-play title. Pitting two teams of five capital ships against each other in MOBA style gameplay where you destroy enemies’ forward bases and then take on their main base, you have to think quickly and make sure your weapons are up to spec for a…