Overwatch’s Next Update to Add Server Browser and More

Posted on 08 Feb 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

In the latest Developer Update coming from Overwatch’s Game Director Jeff Kaplan, the team behind Overwatch is coming out with a server browser, plus some major changes to several characters in the game. Coming as part of a surprising number of content updates, following on the Chinese New Year update, the addition of a server browser indicates that Blizzard has no intention of abandoning Overwatch any time soon.

Tagging along in this update is the ability to earn experience in custom games, and the lessening of restrictions on Capture the Flag. Added in as part of the aforementioned update, Capture the Flag reportedly took Blizzard several iterations to get right, and even then, some balance issues still remain. Regardless, people interested in the mode can now play it on nine additional maps, bringing the total CTF map pool to 12.

Other changes coming included a reworking of Bastion, buffs to Mercy, and fine-tuning a number of targeted abilities. For a full list of changes now on the Public Test server, navigate your way over to the official page. As someone who’s sunk many hours into Overwatch already, I’m excited to see just what Jeff Kaplan and the rest of the team can do to ensure its longevity for many years.

There’s no word yet on when this patch will be released, but if the speed of updates is any indication, it won’t be long.

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Posted 11 Feb 2017, 15:29

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L Coulsen
Posted 09 Feb 2017, 00:07
Why does this still have to be news worthy?

Not the game, I mean about adding a feature that should have been there from the very bloody beginning!

Server browsers I mean

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David Pink
Posted 09 Feb 2017, 16:27
I concur

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L Coulsen
Posted 12 Feb 2017, 05:07
I'll browse you bebeh