Dota 2’s Special ‘Dark Moon’ Event

Posted on 31 Jan 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Love it or hate it, you have to give props to Dota 2, since 2013 this inspired game has grown to dominate a significant portion of the gaming market, with up to 43 million unique players a month, netting Valve up to $18,000,000 per month! It’s also the third most watched Esports game in the world, and yet, it’s a free to-play-game…with microtransactions, but only cosmetics, thankfully.

With all this success, it’s a wonder that Valve doesn’t make a bigger fuss over this genre defining title, however, to celebrate the lunar new year (yeah, I have no idea), Valve have announced the Dark Moon special event. This is an event that runs from January 26th until February 6th (next Monday). It is essentially a mini game along the lines of Dawn of War 2’s Last Stand, except with tower defense elements, and mid-game upgrades.

Although the characters and abilities are essentially the same, it’s clear that Dark Moon is a different beast to the default Dota 2 experience, games are cooperative rather than competitive, and very different tactics are needed to beat down the creeps right up to the last level.

Dark Moon may be a short lived mini game but it’s free, and looks fun, I say give it a blast, who knows? Valve may make it permanent if it becomes popular enough, stranger things have happened.

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