NEWS 08 Dec 2022­ by L Coulsen

Killng Floor 2 is Back For Christmas

Yes, it's true, there's a lot more sleighing (hehe) to do. We don't hear a huge amount about Killing Floor 2 these days, but it's still going strong. Zeds are still out there munching on grey matter, and small chunks of lead are still partying in their cerebellums. Who needs a red nose when you…
NEWS 06 Dec 2022­ by L Coulsen

Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph Gives You More Destiny 2 in Y…

So, Bungie and Ubisoft have come together to give you some Assassin's Creed in the latest Destiny 2 update.  Seems a bit weird to have a member of the assassin brotherhood using big fook off guns, but it wouldn't be the first time. Maybe they've been getting some lessons from Bear Grylls. They are known…
NEWS 30 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

The Winter Soldier Join’s Marvel’s Avengers

Bucky Barnes is landing on the helicarrier along with update 2.7 for Marvel's Avenger. Adding some new missions to continue the story ever further. Bringing back clones, though...having some not-all-that-pleasant Spider-Man flashbacks when I hear that. Oh my.
NEWS 28 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Starship Troopers Asks: Would You Like to Exterminate More?

So, here's a thing. We have a new Starships Troopers game on the way, Starship Troopers: Extermination. A 12 player, co-op FPS. That's an interesting, and unusual, player count, but it makes a lot of sense. Military squads are typically 12 in size. And when you have that many Arachnids swarming onto your face, you're…
NEWS 24 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Squad Goes to China

Squad has been around for a while, now. Over two years. And in that time, it's built up a strong playerbase. Notably, Chinese players have taken to it with gusto. So here they come with update 4.0 which adds The People's Liberation Army. A pretty hefty shake-up, we must agree.
NEWS 14 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Valkyrie Elysium Hits Steam

The Valkyrie series has been around for a while, now. And whilst it may not be one of Squeenix best known franchises, it's demonstrated a degree of staying power, with good reason. Japan just has a knack for making engaging, Viking inspired worlds. So with the new of the latest entry, Valkyrie Elysium, hitting Steam,…
NEWS 11 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Shoot Demons in Hellbreach: Vegas

They say, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. And when it's a horde of ravening demons, that's probably for the best. So get ready to jump into Hellbreach: Vegas and make sure that adage holds true. Coming in 2023, you'll just have to hope you can survive. So that we all survive. Oof.
NEWS 09 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Warhammer 40000: Inquisitor Gets a New Class

The Season of Judgement is upon us. Check your Vox-caster for further instruction, and in the Emperor's name, cleanse and burn with the Sisters of Battle.
NEWS 09 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Coffee Talk: Episode 2 Trailer

As a tea-blooded Brit, it pains me to admit this...but Coffee Talk is a cozy little bit of mocha goodness. So, confirmation of a sequel coming in Spring 2023 is something even my Beauty and the Beast tea-cup finds itself looking forward to. I know, I know. But...just look at it.
NEWS 08 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Vermintide 2 Gets a New Map

To coincide with going temporarily free to all, and an 80% discount for most of the month, Vermintide 2 now has another level to hack your way through. Free to all it's, well, more Vermintide. Which means, these stairs go up.
NEWS 02 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

Killer Klowns from Ouer Space Comparison Trailer

Ahh, yes. Killer Klowns from Outer Space. I loved this movie as a kid. I love the movie as an adult. And now we have a video comparing the upcoming game to said movie. Let's just say, the nostalgia is strong with this one.
NEWS 01 Nov 2022­ by L Coulsen

War Thunder Turns 10

Happy birthday to War Thunder. Turning 10 years old, they're doing a fortnight-long celebration and bringing a bunch of new content. See the press release below for full details. And well done. Here's to 10 more.

5 Minutes of The Entropy Centre Gameplay

Developers Stubby Games and publisher Playstack have released five minutes of gameplay from their upcoming sci-fi first person puzzle game The Entropy Centre. It has a bit of a Portal vibe, with the main character's tool being called PEE and having a chipper personality - oh, and it rewinds time on objects so you solve…

Monstrum 2 – Releasing September

Assymetrical multiplayer horror escape game Monstrum 2 is finally leaving early access for a full release on 6 September 2022. You can check out the release teaser trailer above and the press release below for more information.