NEWS 22 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

How to Become an Outcast in a Single Minute!

With full release fast approaching, we have more details on game versions available, and a quick look at everything you need to know. This whole <game> in 60 seconds thing seems to be a bit of a meme, at the moment. Not a bad idea, either, actually. It's short, concise, and to the point.
NEWS 22 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Rogue Trader Gets Accolades and a Patch

It seems the Xenos filth had fully invested version 1.0. With over 1800 bugs squashed for the 1.1 release. Available now. The God Emperor is pleased. You can see the details of even more tweaks in the press release, below. And check the trailer showing just how pleased his loyal subjects have been, above.
NEWS 21 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Snufkin Arrives in Moominvalley Very Soon

That's right, folks. We have an official release date for Melod of Moominvalley. It's March the 7th. No point leaving you wondering. It will be coming to PC and Nintendo Switch at the same time. Honestly, the thing I'm most excited about, is the music by Sigur Rós, I absolutely love those guys. Great fit…
NEWS 21 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Texas Chainsaw Executes a New DLC

We're getting a whole bunch of new stuff. Coinciding with the Xbox Free Play (which will make it free to play on Xbox) we're getting new survivor skins, weapon skins and some new executions. Ooh err. That sounds quite crunchy. Better yet, the character skins will be free for everyone. Noice.
NEWS 20 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Get Ready to Launch for Mars 2120, in 2024

That's right. Despite the name, we won't have to wait an entire century to head for the red planet. Early Access is already available, but full release is coming, quite soon. No specific date, as yet, but the launch window has been set for Spring. And appropriately enough, Spring starts exactly one lunar month from…
NEWS 20 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Multi-lingual Cats on Duty

I bet you didn't know cats can speak. And I absolutely bet you didn't know they are fluent in almost a dozen languages. Well, now you do. You can see the full list, down below. It's mostly all the usual suspects, but that's not a bad thing. More people who can flex their meows is…
NEWS 19 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Gord Forges an Alliance With DLC

Well, this DLC is actually pretty hefty. The full details can be found below, but a couple of things that really stood out to me, is taming beasts. One can never have enough beasts. There are even a few new ones being thrown in. Maybe they can be tamed, too. I suppose you'll just have…
NEWS 19 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Nightingale Gets a New Trailer

With Early Access starting tomorrow, the 20th, Inflexion have dropped a new trailer. Although, clocking in at eight minutes, it's more like a quick guide or overview. Well, whatever you want to call it, it's quite informative about what to expect. And is look gud, ja?
NEWS 14 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

CRAB BATTLE! This is Fight Crab 2

Yep, this is a thing. Now available via Steam Early Access, for all your crabby needs. You don't even have to wait for a match to start before you can sink your pincers into it. With challenges, tutorials and what have you available during queueing. Snip snip.
NEWS 09 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Squad Gets a New Map and More

I don't think it's at all coincidental that the latest map, Sanxian, is dropping around now. You know what I'm getting at. Anyhoo, it's not the only thing that's changing. You can see the full deets down below, but suffice it to say, there's been some working done on the server browser. Which is never…
NEWS 09 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Generation Zero Celebrates the Lunar New Year

The game has been out for quite some time, now. Just moving along, in the background, kind of innocuous. Largely overlooked, but definitely not ignored. Not least by the devs, who are getting into the spirit of things with some dragon/lunar themed new bits and bobs. Not sure how I feel about the fireworks. I…
NEWS 08 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Dying Light 2 Unleashes the (Year of the) Dragon

Well, it's Lunar New Year time. The best-known celebrations being those that come from China, ala the Chinese Zodiac. And this year, it's the year of the dragon. To celebrate, Techland are adding some Chinese themed items to Dying Light 2. It looks rather tasty, if you ask me. I've always been a huge fan…
NEWS 08 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Lost Hellden is a JRPG Involving Some Notable Names

If you take a quick goosey down below, you can see a couple of names jumping out in the press release. Personally, the music for Final Fantasy Tactics is one of my favourite OSTs, like, ever. So, there's that. More importantly, this looks like a priddy gud game. So keep an eye on this one.
NEWS 06 Feb 2024­ by L Coulsen

Fae Farm Gets a Big Update for Steam Next Fest

Not only is there a demo, the early chapters are available, for free, to all. Also, the latest update has tweaked what sounds like the entire game. Progression, gameplay tweaks and even interface changes. There's a lot going on, fer sure. You can read more about it in the press-release, below.