NEWS 30 Mar 2023­ by L Coulsen

The Regulars Are Coming: Civilization VI Gets its Final Lead…

As a tea-blooded Brit, this makes me happy. The English are coming to Civilization VI. Typing that with a z on the other hand? That one does not spark joy. You could have at least made the announcement by spelling it 'civilisation', but oh well. Rule Britannia!
NEWS 29 Mar 2023­ by L Coulsen

Hunt: Showdown Adds New Quests and a Tutorial Video

Some big things are coming to the lands of Hunt: Showdown. Something distinctly reptilian is shuffling through the reeds, intent on nibbling at your feet, hands, spleen and pretty much anything else it can sink its teeth into. Oh my. That doesn't sound good. Update 1.12 is available right now.
NEWS 20 Mar 2023­ by L Coulsen

Sonic Frontiers to Get 3 DLCs, 1 Photo Mode

The first DLC will be called Sights, Sound and Speed and, as the name suggests, brings the Photo Mode alone with it. Pretty much a given with any game, these days. Though calling it a DLC is somewhat misleading, as this is more of a content update that will be added, for free, this coming…
NEWS 24 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Baldur’s Gate 3 Gets a Release Date and J.K. Simmons

The game reaches full release on August 31st, with the man himself as one of the chief antagonists. A necromancer by the name of General Ketheric Thorm. You can see him in action in the above video. Also, as seems to be the norm these days, pre-ordering the Collector's Edition will give access to the…
NEWS 21 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Starship Troopers: Extermination Gets a New Trailer, Is Very…

Would you like to know more? Then check out the trailer. But, be warned, this game is looking extremely buggy. Like, that's a lot of bugs. Luckily, you'll have a lot of tools to help quash them. Mostly by shooting them in the face (do they have faces?) and blowing them into little pieces. If…
NEWS 20 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Rainbow 6 Siege Year 8 Brings New Attacker, Brava

They're also mixing up onboarding for new players. With each new season they'll focus on a different set of beginner tasks, to better assist newbies getting into the game. Culminating in a full-blown tutorial in Season 3. As well as a lot of other bits and pieces and, of course, even more characters further down…
NEWS 14 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Apex Legend’s Update Focuses On New Players and Team D…

If you still haven't, there's never been a better time to jump in to Apex Legends. To celebrate its fourth anniversary, Respawn have focused on making the game more approachable for new players. As well as adding new maps, a new class system and Team Deathmatch. So you can just jump in and start shooting.…
NEWS 06 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Blood Bowl 3 Releases February 23rd, Has New Trailer

Well, now. I don't think it is at all coincidental that Blood Bowl 3 will be available a week after the Superbowl. My money's on the Eagles. But what if they were playing against a team of Orcs? That would be a whole different story. And I'd buy that for a dollar.
NEWS 06 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Everspace 2 Releases on April 6th

Title. Continuing the adventures of protagonist Adam Roslin, players across PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox S/X can jump in early Spring, or try out the Early Access version which already has approximately 35 hours of content, as well as all of the core mechanics which will comprise the final release. Noice.
NEWS 30 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

Warframe’s 10 Year Anniversary Brings a New Frame

As well as a bunch of new cosmetics and all the goodness you would usually expect from a major milestone. And it's not just a short-term thing, either. Digital Extremes have an entire year of events and such on the horizon. So if you haven't jumped in for a while, perhaps now would be a…
NEWS 30 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

Space Marine 2 Collector’s Edition

I admit it. I'm a sucker for Collector's Editions. And, well, just look at it. Now that, that is how you cleanse and burn. It doesn't come cheap, at over £200, though. But this one at least includes an option for PC, which is sadly quite rare these days.
NEWS 26 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

For Honor Adds New Afeera Class

So, For Honor is still getting new content. An Arabian inspired character, the Afeera coincides with the game being free to play for a week. February 2nd to 9th, it also includes a free, Elite costume for anyone who logs in during this time. My Nobushi is feeling a bit unloved recently, so maybe I'll…
NEWS 25 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

Pet All the Cats at the Pets Hotel

Pets Hotel: Prologue is a prologue to Pets Hotel. A free game that gives players the chance to, well, run a hotel for pets. A full game will be coming further down the line, and it does what it says on the tin. Think of it like a cross between a cat cafe and The…
NEWS 25 Jan 2023­ by L Coulsen

Resident Evil Comes to Dead by Daylight

It's the year of the Rabbit. Obviously, this means we want Ada Wong in Dead by Daylight. I mean, why not, right? I'm sure we can all see what they're getting at, here. That's right. She has a red dress. And 'rabbit' begins with an R. They're literally the exact same thing. Of course. Cough.