Meet the New Titans of Titanfall 2

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by
Kyle Johnson

With six new titans entering the fray, each with their own set of offensive and defensive capabilities, Respawn looks to outfit pilots with a new array of 40-ton titans at their disposal. The first is Legion, boasting a massive chaingun, which it can use to spear enemy titans and lay down supressing fire, followed by Ronin, a highly mobile titan which uses a gigantic blade to cut down pilots and titans alike. After those come Northstar, who has a railgun and heavy rocket pods, after whom comes Ion, who makes liberal use of energy weapons and large lasers to devastate shields and titans with impressive force. The final two are Scorch, who makes use of a variety of thermite and fire-based weapons to melt his opponents, and Tone, who, with his many missile pods, looks as though he stepped out of a Gundam anime.

For more information on each titan, the official page has more info. Titanfall 2 drops on October 28th.

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