NEWS 14 Feb 2023­ by L Coulsen

Apex Legend’s Update Focuses On New Players and Team D…

If you still haven't, there's never been a better time to jump in to Apex Legends. To celebrate its fourth anniversary, Respawn have focused on making the game more approachable for new players. As well as adding new maps, a new class system and Team Deathmatch. So you can just jump in and start shooting.…

Battlefield 2042 – Delayed

Refugee proxy war simulator Battlefield 2042 has been delayed and will now launch on 19 November 2021 for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. As usual the reason given is to allow more time to polish the game.
NEWS 23 Jul 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: EA Play Live 2021

EA held their EA Play Live event last night, a brief livestream of new game announcements and more info on Battlefield 2042. As usual for our coverage, if you want to watch the whole stream it’s available in the embed above or you can keep reading for just the games and info. GRID Legends Codemasters…

Battlefield 2042 – Reveal

Above you can find the reveal trailer for Battlefield 2042, the eagerly awaited return to a future setting for the multiplayer shooter series. We weren't sure what to expect beyond guns and drones but boy did we get a treat – we got Battlefield Fast & The Furious, the warnado, and a tactical tuktuk. Love…
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Battlefield 2042

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REVIEWS 05 Feb 2021­ by L Coulsen

Star Wars: Squadrons

It’s been a while since we’ve had a full-blown, Star Wars flight sim.  Battlefront II had a robust, arcadey space battles mode, of course.  But, well, it was arcadey pick-up-and-play, and part of a larger game.  So when EA announced a new, multiplayer focused dogfighting game, many of us were skeptically optimistic.  Then it was…

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Revealed

EA have finally officially revealed the long rumoured remaster of their classic sci-fi action RPG series Mass Effect. Titled Legendary Edition, the new release is coming on 4 May 2021 for PC and consoles and will include all the single player content from the trilogy as well as supporting 4K resolutions and re-works to the…
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Mass Effect Legendary Edition

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Get EA Play With Game Pass Ultimate Later This Year

Microsoft and EA have just announced that the EA Play subscription service will be provided to Xbox/PC Game Pass Ultimate subscribers at no extra cost from Holiday 2020. Find out more in the press release below.
NEWS 19 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: EA Play 2020

Last night was Electronic Arts' EA Play event. Predictably, the most exciting thing shown was Star Wars: Squadrons but we also got a teaser for Dragon Age 4 and an update on fan favourite battle royale game Apex Legends. As usual, you can watch the entire show in the embed above or scroll down for…

Star Wars: Squadrons – Announcement

After a week of mild leaks and rumours, we finally have an official announcement of Star Wars: Squadrons by Electronic Arts. As the name suggests, Squadrons will be focused on space battles both in a single-player campaign and 5v5 multiplayer. The game will take place after the events of Return of the Jedi when the…
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Star Wars: Squadrons

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Command & Conquer Remastered Collection Announced

Electronic Arts has announced the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection for PC. The misleadingly named pack will contain remasters of the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert 1 along with expansions. The collection will be availably on 5 June 2020 for £17.99 on Origin and Steam.
GAME PROFILE 11 Mar 2020 by Jay

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection

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