Retake the Colony in Titanfall 2’s Next Update

Posted on 29 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

With two new cosmetic Titan skins, a free gun for all, a new execution and a new map, Respawn is looking to make good on their promise to improve communication.

A remake of the fan-favorite map from the first Titanfall is a good way to start, at least. With a smattering of smaller residential buildings for cover and wall-running, plus a towering sniper platform, ‘Colony’ captures the multi-front mayhem that made the original Titanfall maps memorable.

With two new gorgeous Titan skins, one for Northstar and another for Legion, plus the return of the R-101 assault rifle from the first Titanfall. The ‘Colony Reborn’ update drops on March 30th, bringing with it a free weekend, a high-level roadmap for future DLC, and maps are expected to be out in the first half of April, but until then, I’ll be dropping back in “Titanfall” all over again.

Official Press Release

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) unveil New Colony , the next free DLC for Titanfall 2. On March 30, players will be able to rediscover Colonie, a cult card from Titanfall Which is full of narrow streets, buildings and roofs. In addition to this card, players will be able to discover a brand new performance, Coup de Grapple, as well as the cult R-101 carbine. And all for free.

Alongside this free content, players will also have the opportunity to purchase cosmetic customization items including the Titans Prime Northstar and Legion, new camouflage, emblems and more.

To celebrate the launch of New Colony, Respawn Entertainment will put together a weekend free trial. On March 30th, newcomers will be able to try their hand at Titanfall 2’s solo mode , which is critically acclaimed. They will have access to the Beacon mission and the training course. They can also access the multiplayer mode. The free trial weekend will end on Monday, April 3rd.

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