Take a Tour of Prey’s Talos I

Posted on 10 Sep 2016 by
Jordan Fong

Welcome to Prey. Taking place in an alternate future of 2032 where Kennedy wasn’t assassinated, the space age took hold early, and earth’s interest in the far reaches of space were strong. Here we’re presented a small glimpse of Talos I and the horrors that beset Morgan Yu’s future. Talos I is a space station orbiting the moon, and a large one at that. Many secrets and even more dangers lie in its halls. Don’t be the Prey, hunt and be the predator.

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David Pink
Posted 14 Sep 2016, 14:04
I really wanna like this but.. I don't know, it's SOOO different from the original Prey, it will be hard to not compare this to the original masterpiece, which was mindblowing at the time, did a whole lot of neat things, looked fantastic (I first played it on Xbox 360)

I'm sure this will be quite awesome to play, but it'll be a challenge to not constantly think of the original. What happened to "Tommy" ... what happened to "Prey will continue"? I want to finish that story... not jump into something else altogether.

It's just a shame that this is a "re-imagining" and we'll never get to see an end to the first Prey, who knows... maybe the new Prey will knock our socks off and make us completely forget about the original.