Prey: Mooncrash – Typhon Hunter Mode Releasing Next Week

Posted on 07 Dec 2018

The final update to Prey: Mooncrash will be releasing next week and includes a Prop Hunt style multiplayer mode and TranStar VR, a single-player VR escape room style campaign. These new modes will be free for owners of the digital deluxe and Mooncrash versions of the game. Typhon Hunter will be releasing on 11 December 2018.

Official Press Release

Is it a coffee mug? Or a roll of toilet paper? Nope. It’s your friend playing as a Mimic whose sole purpose is to stalk and destroy you as Prey: Typhon Hunter, the final update for Prey: Digital Deluxe and Prey: Mooncrash, releases next week.

Adding a tense new multiplayer mode and a VR-only single player game to the award-winning title, Typhon Hunter will release December 11th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The VR version of the multiplayer mode will arrive in early 2019 for PC and PSVR.

Watch the new announce trailer here:

Prey: Typhon Hunter includes two new exciting modes for Prey:

Typhon Hunter multiplayer: a stunning multiplayer version of hide-and-seek where one player, as Morgan Yu, is stalked by five opponents playing as Mimics, who hide in plain sight as everyday objects before seizing upon their prey. Morgan must hunt down and destroy all five Mimics before time runs out. Typhon Hunter VR, which puts the Morgan player inside the virtual world, will release in early 2019.

TranStar VR: a single player, VR-only escape-room-style campaign that thrusts the player into the shoes of TranStar employees. Within the interacive environment, players are charged with completing objectives and solving intricate puzzles on Talos I, just days before the events of Prey. TranStar VR will be available for both PC and PSVR.

Players who already purchased Prey: Digital Deluxe or upgraded their original version of Prey with Prey: Mooncrash, will receive both new game modes at no extra cost. New players can purchase Prey: Digital Deluxe for £34.99 and will receive the original award-winning game and its following updates. Existing Prey owners can upgrade their game to Prey: Mooncrash for £15.99.

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