Prey Gamescom Gameplay Trailer

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Bethesda released a new gameplay trailer for its rebooted Prey game in a similar fashion to Dishonored 2 one which contains a few segments of pure uninterrupted gameplay. We get a glimpse at the enemies, weapons, mechanics and features as well as few different environments. The original Prey had a unique gravity and portal mechanic that let players walk on walls or ceiling as well as teleport to different places being shrunk or enlarged. The reboot seems to have ditched that but brings in new toys to the table. In the second part of the video we see our hero venture outside into space where there is no or very low gravity and I suspect there will be gravity based puzzles as well.

The first half however shows us the shapeshifting enemies called Mimics that can change form or transform into objects. The player used a GLOO Cannon, which is like a freeze gun to hold them in place and explode them with a Superthermal ability. After dispatching the foes we are introduced to another unique ability, Mimic Matter, where a player transforms himself into a…coffee cup, to roll through a small opening and get passed a locked door.

The new Prey seems to have adopted some RPG elements and has lot more in common to Dishonored than its previous instalment. Enemies have life bars, abilities can be upgraded and levels traversed in more than one way. But that would only make sense as both games are being made by the same developer – Arkane, which is a good thing as Dishonored was awesome. Can’t wait to see and hear more on Pray too.

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