Outlast 2 Official Adult Diaper Kickstarter…

Posted on 23 Nov 2016 by
David Pink

You might have taken a quick look at the title and instantly started scratching your head, thinking to yourself “this can’t be real…?” like I did, welp it’s real, very real indeed.

The silly geese over at Red Barrels have heard the countless pleas from soiled Outlast 2 demo players. Figuratively I would have assumed, Red Barrels thinks differently it seems and has taking their cries of soiled underroos quite literally, and have started their own special adult diaper companion item to go along with the release of their upcoming game.

With what seems to be an early April fool’s joke, the creators behind Outlast 2 have launched a three week long Kickstarter campaign to raise enough moolah to ensure that players who might have an accident don’t end up making too big of a mess. With the Outlast 2 Official Companion Diaper, perfectly titled “Underscares” gamers can relax a little and not worry about ruining their best pair of khakis as they sit down to enjoy some lovely, totally-not-scary, family friendly Outlast 2 action.

Currently sitting at 170 backers, pledging $12,798 CAD of the needed $40,000 goal, which isn’t too shabby for less then a week. Receiving 25% of the total goal thus far, I can’t see how this fun little Kickstarter would fail in the next two weeks. In partnership with local Montreal designers, the Underscares combine comfort, style and practicality to ensure the most diehard of Outlast fans remain cool n’ collected as they experience abject terror without having to worry about unsightly messes. Oh, did I mention it’s also washable?! How cool is that!

As with all Kickstarters, a multi-tiered rewards system applies, giving the patrons choices depending on their donation amount. One incredible lucky (and wealthy) gamer will not only grab themselves a snazzy pair of the deluxe Underscares diaper (x6) with the “Lilwuss” attachable night light, a Steam key for Outlast 2 (x6)  and six sewable patches, they will also receive a massive 16” tall Outlast themed Chapel of awesomeness. For everyone else, there’s the super affordable Basic ($55) and Deluxe ($75) Underscares package, both with Steam keys, sweet deals yo!

I don’t think I’ve seen anything as silly, yet functional, as a video game inspired pair of adult diapers. You gotta give Red Barrels some credit; they’re an insane crafty bunch of twisted chucklefuckles, and I love them for it… now to sit idly by waiting for Outlast 2’s release day to come.

Official Press Release

The first installment of Outlast has been celebrated as one of the scariest games of all time*. In anticipation of the much awaited Outlast 2, fans have been expressing their interest in the most peculiar way:

“Following the release of the first Outlast and feedback from fans, we wanted create something to let them know that we have been listening,” says Philippe Morin, President of Red Barrels “they have all been so vocal about their reactions, we responded in typical Red Barrels fashion: to the extreme”.

In response to this, Red Barrels in collaboration with Sid Lee have launched the Underscares Companion Diaper Kickstarter campaign for Outlast 2. This no BS crowdfunding campaign is 100% real and inspired by the Outlast community.

Developed in partnership with local Montreal designers, the gamer diaper combines practicality, comfort and style so gamers and diehard Outlast fans can experience abject terror without worrying about dirtying their egos (or their couches). Available in Basic and Limited Edition Deluxe options; Underscares are wearable, comfortable, high quality and most importantly, washable.

The Kickstarter campaign launched November 17 and will run until December 9, 2016.

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