Outlast 2 Has Been Released Upon the World

Posted on 26 Apr 2017 by

Yes, Outlast 2 is here!

After a slight delay of around 6 months, the brown pants generator arrived on Steam at the low, low price of just 27,99€ . I was expecting more than that since these days its not unusual for a PC game to be set at console game prices…but it’s a great surprise regardless, especially for such a high quality game.

In the same fashion as its predecessor, a “found footage” style first-person survival horror that has the player controlling a journalist by the name of Blake Langermann as he investigates a mystery surrounding a rundown rural town near the Sonoran Desert of Arizona. Its not long into his investigation when the proverbial “shit hits the fan” and Blake is thrust into a hellish nightmare, trying to survive the twisted insanity that the Red Barrels team have concocted won’t be an easy task.

So go and buy Outlast 2, then go and poop your pants a little…or pee, depends what kind of a person you are really, I’m some sort of a strange hybrid myself…

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