E3: PC Gaming Show 2020

Posted on 14 Jun 2020 by
Jay Shaw

This year’s PC Gaming Show is also taking place via online streaming and not-E3, you can watch the full show in the embed above along with introduction montage and pop-rock style version of Toss a Coin to Your Witcher. You can also keep reading to find out about individual games.


As promised in the earlier show, more of Iron Gate and Coffee Stain’s Valheim has shown up right off the bat in the PC Gaming Show. This extended trailer shows off way more gameplay, a couple of unfortunate textures that gave us flashbacks to Two Worlds and a whole host of cool Viking adventures, like being chased through a forest by a giant monster. Good stuff.


Cutesy creature collecting and farming game Ooblets got a musical new trailer full of cutesy little creatures doing cutesy things and a fish with legs who just hates cups for some reason. The game was also confirmed as coming to the Epic Game Store in Summer 2020.

Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 is the upcoming third entry in the venerable, not-too-serious action RPG series and looks like it’ll feature more outlandish action than both the previous games combined. There’s also a character that summons ghost trains, which we swear was a bad Rick & Morty joke but kind of awesome when you’re using it to smash monsters by the truckload. The game’s available now in Early Access.

Elite: Dangerous – Odyssey

Earlier this month Frontier Developments announced the next large content season for Elite: Dangerous titled Odyssey which will include walking around on foot, FPS combat, new planet types, and more mission types. The trailer we were shown today is still the same one, but it’s still cool so here it is again. Game Director, Piers Jackson joined via video call to talk about what Elite: Dangerous is and what we can expect in the upcoming expansion season when it lands in early 2021.

Persona 4 Golden

Yeah, you read that subtitle right. Persona 4 Golden is the first of the series to make its way to PC and it’s already out! As in you can go buy it right now on Steam and any story heavy-RPG lover should give its wild and weird world a look.

In Sound Mind

We Create Stuff and Modus Games shows off a brand new trailer for their upcoming psychological horror game In Sound Mind. There’s some strong Alan Wake and Nightmare House 2 (also by We Create Stuff) vibes going on through the spooky trailer. Additionally, a demo is now available to check out via Steam.

Airborne Kingdom

Airborne Kingdom‘s trailer starts slow with some regular looking planes gliding through the air and then dials it right up to eleven with ornate flying palaces on airships propelled by twirling oars and gentle Middle-Eastern music. There’s very little info other than the game will be coming to Epic Game Store in Fall 2020.


Dwarfheim promises a cooperative real-timestrategy game where you take on the role of a clan of dwarves fighting for prosperity and looks to have a hearty industry building mechanic. A Beta will be available from 19-21 June 2020 and you can sign up via the game’s official Discord.


Amplitude and Sega dropped a new trailer for their upcoming 4X strategy game Humankind that highlights the time-honoured Amplitude tradition of allowing the community to have an actual hand in the decisions being made in the production of their games and calling for people to apply for the program.


Rocket Werkz and Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) sci-fi crafting survival adventure Icarus got a new trailer chock full of gameplay where astronauts hunt creatures, build structures, and have a camp fire all without taking their helmets off. Sure, it looks silly now but when a space jackal is munching on your face you’ll be glad for that face plate.

Evil Genius 2

Announced way back when a Daniel Craig parody would’ve been a spy infiltrating your evil lair, Evil Genius 2 finally has an actual gameplay trailer that shows off plenty of base building. Some of the classic henchmen look to have made a return, along with global operations and yellow jumpsuit wearing cretins, uh, minions. We also got a tasty 2020 release window at the end. Nice!


Counterplay Games dropped a new trailer for their upcoming Unreal Engine 5 action game Godfall. Coming with a warning that performance and visuals will change, the trailer’s already incredibly good looking. You’ll adventure through elemental realms as a knight who can equip items that allow him to take on the aspects of legendary warriors on the way to killing a mad god.


Bounding Box Software and Humble Publishing, Prodeus is a retro style FPS with flashy guns, dismemberment, and fast action. We don’t know much other than that there’ll be enough shooting to make you sick of it (kind of like candy) and that the game will be available in Early Access in Fall 2020.

Fae Tactics

Fae Tactics evokes tactical RPG classics like Final Fantasy Tactics with its colourful maps, cute characters, and plenty of stats to get your head around. Even the game’s logo is a love letter to TRPG classics of the past thirty years. Expect this one to release in Summer 2020.


Sunhead and Humble also revealed Carto, an adventure exploration game where your map will play a role in how the world is revealed. This one is coming in Fall 2020 for PC.

Project Wingman

We’ve had more arcade flight games over the years than you can shake a stick at but only a handful that even look like they can stand toe-to-toe with the legendary Ace Combat series. Project Wingman is one of those, we’ve been following it on Twitter for quite some time and if the new trailer doesn’t make you want to break out your HOTAS setup then we don’t know what will.

Blankos: Block Party

Blanking: Block Party is a creative sandbox game where you take control of toys evocative of the designs we 90’s kids had on our Pogs and Crazy Bones toys. That is to say, very colourful, cheeky but clean attitude, and a generally fun look across the board. It’s hard to form opinions so early though, this kind of game lives or dies on the creativity of its community.

Everspace 2

Sequel to the classic rogue-like space shooter of the same name, Everspace 2 expands the gameplay to more ships, planetary battles, more diverse space locations, and giving the lawyers at the House of Mouse a conniption over how close some of those sweet space rides look to Star Wars ships.


Sometimes you just have to start your trailer with an angry bull shitting fire all over a startled cartoon rabbit and then continue it with even more of the same. We’re sold. Inkulinati borrows the style of a medieval illuminated manuscript for beautiful hand-drawn visuals too.

Total War Saga: Troy

The second Total War Saga game moves away from our grey, rainy isle and into the ancient world for a romp around the greatest love triangle fuelled war of Troy. The new trailer shows off lots of in-engine footage including infantry battles, siege weapons, and the legendary Trojan Horse which can be used to sneak forces past fortifications. Total War Saga: Troy is releasing on the Epic Game Store on 13 August 2020 and will be free for the first 24 hours.

Remnant: From The Ashes – Subject 2923

Perfect World Entertainment and Gunfire Games revealed more from their upcoming content for apocalyptic shooter Remnant: From The Ashes. Wait, don’t go, this one has giant rats, gribbly monsters, and a giant that looks like he got lost on the way to Shadow of the Colossus.

Mafia Remaster

Hangar 13 and 2K dropped a cinematic (i.e. pre-rendered) trailer for their upcoming Mafia remake and it’s pretty much exactly what you’d expect: gangsters, guns, and grift. Sadly there’s not much more info from the show itself but it’s a shiny version of an 18 year old game. Hopefully they’ve remembered to make the racing segment not suck.

Rogue Lords

Introduced as Slay the Spire by way of Tim Burton, Rogue Lords looks like a spooky good time. In it you take on the role of the devil on a rogue-like adventure as he builds a team of legendarily evil minions like Baron Samedi, Bloody Mary, and Dracula. Eschewing the traditional cards used in this type of game, Rogue Lords instead has you build your team and their skills. Rogue Lords is releasing in 2021.

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy

Pastel isometric adventure Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer’s Legacy is a game where your deaths can change the world for your future lives. The game will be coming to the Epic Games Store at some undefined point in the future.

Among Trees

Swedish indie developers FJRD Interactive have announced Among Trees, an exploration survival crafting type game that looks like it takes place in a lovely stretch of forest. Don’t try to pet the bear though. Among Trees is available in Early Access on the Epic Games Store right now.


Being a shopkeep in games is usually a solid concept and Potionomics, by Voracious Games and Xseed Games, puts you in the shoes of pink haired witch/shopkeep Sylvia as she tries to sell various magical doodads to a cast of cute characters.

Mortal Shell

Dark and foreboding, obviously heavily inspired by From Software’s many Soulsborne games, and now with three spooky scary skeletons. Mortal Shell looks to be every bit as slow and deliberate as its forebears. Mortal Shell is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store and is also having a beta on 3 July which you can sign up for over on their official Discord.

Shadow Man

Night Dive are busy these days – along with System Shock and all the remasters of various classics we’ve got another to join the latter camp: PlayStation and N64 meh-fest Shadow Man. But what do we know, late 90’s critics reviewed the PC and Dreamcast versions favourably so this new version might reignite interest in this long dormant IP.


Blightbound is a three player coop dungeon crawler that’s coming to Steam Early Access later this year. Blightbound eschews the usual ARPG mechanics in favour of a belt-scrolling beat-em-up style and art reminiscent of Darkest Dungeon meets Dragon’s Crown.

Shadows of Doubt

It’s been a couple of hours since we heard the word noir to describe a game but here one is. Shadows of Doubt is a voxel based detective game.

The Forgotten City

The Forgotten City drops you into an Roman city and tasks you with stopping some impending mass-murder scenario. Expect this one to release later this year.

Paradise Killer

Another investigation based game from Kaizen Game Works and Fellow Traveller, Paradise Killer puts you in the role of investigator Lady Love Dies and sets you loose to scour Paradise city for clues to a murder mystery.


A shorter version of the trailer we saw earlier at the Guerrilla Collective show, Haven still looks impressive even after a whole two hours of other games.

Cartel Tycoon

Moon Moose and Tiny Build have revealed Cartel Tycoon, a tycoon game (duh) where you take on the role of a dynasty of drug lords as you try to build your empire and try not to get murdered by your opponents. A demo is available on Steam right now.

Trash Sailors

This weird looking adventure game sets you as sailors on a raft of junk trying to survive the great flood, fighting off sea monsters and looting passing stuff for your continued survival.

Cris Tales

Colourful and cartoon-y, Cris Tales is a love-letter to classic JRPGs that’s coming to PC and consoles on 17 November 2020. There’s even a demo available right now via Steam.

Alaloth: Champions of the Four Kingdoms

Gamera Interactive and All In Games upcoming game Alaloth is a classic style isometric action RPG that promises a large fantasy world and narrative. I’m sure we’ll hear more about this one in the coming months.

Weird West

Weird West is a top-down action RPG/immersive sim from Wolfeye Studios and Devolver Digital that takes the wild west and twists it into the dark and dangerous weird west. While the setting isn’t unique to this game, it is an under-explored one for video games.

Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town

The latest entry in the long-running Harvest Moon series (now re-branded as Story of Seasons) continues the classic farming and romancing gameplay of the earlier games and promises more of the series staples; a cute farm and village, cute villagers to cutely romance, and cute farming.

New World

Amazon Games’ new game, New World, is a dark fantasy game promising pitched battles of 100 players and will be releasing on 25 August 2020. A beta will be held on 23 July with access a month early for those who pre-order. The wording of the announcement made it hard to work out whether the month period is before the August date or before the July date.

Twin Mirror

Don’tNod Entertainment’s new narrative adventure puts players in the role of Sam, a man returning to his home town to discover the place isn’t exactly how he remembers it thanks to a whole bunch of psychological thriller shenanigans.

Metal: Hellsinger

Another game shown earlier, Metal: Hellsinger is a rhythm FPS heavily styled after Doom. This time however we’re treated to a brief snippet of different gameplay and a brief introduction from David Goldfarb.

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos

Introduced by Felicia Day, this light-hearted comedic tactical RPG just names characters after their archetypes like The Dwarf and The Wizard. Dad humour is front and centre in this short but sweet trailer, even if the title is only pronounceable by sneezing in Korean.

Red Sails

A narrative adventure game where you rescue others while searching for your own clan. This looks like a sombre, almost meditative game about sailing around the desert and doing good while enjoying the arid landscape.

Surgeon Simulator 2

That’s right, the premiere medical negligence simulator is getting a sequel. Bossa Studios have announced Surgeon Simulator 2 with a new cast of med-school muppets and up to four player cooperative malpractice. The game is coming in August this year and is available to pre-order on the Epic Games Store already.

The Last Campfire

Hello Games are back with a fun looking adventure game about what we can only assume is a small child in a pillowcase because we’re not told otherwise. At least they picked a cracking song to go with this lovely looking little game. The Last Campfire is coming to the Epic Games Store in Summer 2020.

The Outlast Trials

The first-person horror series is going to the Cold War era for a cooperative horror experience where you and a couple of friends are unfortunate test subjects for some predictably scary experiments. The trailer looks like it’ll be more of the classic Outlast formula, sneaking around with your night vision on and hoping one of the game’s many abominations doesn’t fillet you like a tasty fish. The Outlast Trials is coming in 2021.

That was a LOT of games! Some great surprises like the sudden release of Persona 4 Golden and some solid looking games from both indies and larger studios. PC gaming certainly won’t be short of entertaining games for the next year at least. For my personal pick, Project Wingman stole the show in the way that only a game about turning jets into Mach 3 scrap can.

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