Outlast 2 Delayed

Posted on 02 Aug 2016 by
David Pink

Some sad news for all those hide-and-seek fans out there, it seems Red Barrels, the developers behind Outlast, the amazing 2013 first-person crap-your-pants survival horror game, has announced on their official Facebook page that they’re postponing the release of their much anticipated sequel. Although it’s a bit of a bummer having to wait till the Q1 of 2017 to sink our teeth into Outlast 2, Red Barrels stated the delay is so that they can further polish and test the game to the extreme, leaving no compromises, as to deliver the best, most terrifying and fulfilling survival horror experience right out the gates.

Honestly, I wish more studios would do this instead of rushing out a buggy half-assed incomplete product. You can’t fault Red Barrels for this decision, it shows how much they really care for their franchise, as well as the community who (like myself) fell in love with Outlast.

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