NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Devolver Digital Max Pass + 2021

Devolver Digital is back with another show full of games and completely unrelated shenanigans. As usual we'll be skipping over the shenanigans in favour of focusing on the games. If you want to see what swear filled nonsense the publisher has cooked up this year you can check out the full embed above. To the…
NEWS 12 Jul 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Devolver Direct 2020

Last night was publisher Devolver Digital's stream event; another spectacle of insanity and messing about that no other company would dare to attempt. Devolver continue their swear filled Terminator parody and take shots at the glut of announcements, Konami, and even Nintendo. They also sneak in everyone's favourite Billy Zane swear from the movie Demon…
NEWS 10 Jun 2019­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Devolver Digital 2019

Devolver Digital are about to go live with their E3 presentation. The only way to watch it is through Twitch @ E3 whose stream is embedded above. Stay tuned for updates to this post as the show progresses!