E3: Devolver Direct 2020

Posted on 12 Jul 2020 by
Jay Shaw

Last night was publisher Devolver Digital’s stream event; another spectacle of insanity and messing about that no other company would dare to attempt. Devolver continue their swear filled Terminator parody and take shots at the glut of announcements, Konami, and even Nintendo. They also sneak in everyone’s favourite Billy Zane swear from the movie Demon Knight. They had some games too, so without further ado let’s start taking a look at what was announced, revealed, and showcased during the forty-five minute long event. As usual you can watch the full stream above and below will be individual games.

Shadow Warrior 3

Teased last week with a pretty funny trailer, Shadow Warrior 3 finally has a full reveal with some gameplay. After Wang 69s a hanging corpse, with a shot focusing on his crotch because it wouldn’t be Shadow Warrior if it didn’t, we get into some combat were Wang faces off against some crazy jack-in-the-box enemies and more traditional demons with a new grappling hook ability and a bunch of new weapon designs that look like they replace the boring pistols and shotguns of the earlier games. Unfortunately we don’t really get any more than that. Shadow Warrior 3 is releasing in 2021.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

We’re also treated to another trailer for the brightly coloured, multiplayer party game Fall Guys. This Takeshi’s Castle-like game sees sixty players compete for the number one spot in ludicrous obstacle courses and events to earn cosmetic unlocks and presumably bragging rights that you somehow got through the barrage of pastel pandemonium. Fall Guys is releasing on 4 August 2020 for PC and PlayStation 4.


Microsoft’s Phil Spencer and the CARRION tentacle monster introduce a release date trailer for the grotesque abomination sim. As you’d expect, the trailer’s full of tentacles, blood, and a mech… what? We see the tentacle monster slithering, impaling, and even possessing humans to perform tasks. Even the way the tentacles move is spot-on for The Thing. CARRION is releasing on 23 July 2020 for PC, Switch, and Xbox One. Additionally, the game will be part of the Xbox Game Pass on its release.


After a lengthy “uncle who works at Nintendo” skit, we finally get to the trailer for the violent pixelated platformer Olija. Being developed by Japanese developer Skeleton Crew. This game will put you in the shoes of Faraday, a shipwrecked man in a mysterious country called Terraphage. You’ll have to use his legendary harpoon to fight and grapple around levels while facing hordes of shadowy monsters and other hostile inhabitants of the country. Olija is launching for PC and Switch sometime in 2020 but a demo is available right now via Steam.

Serious Sam 4

The Serious Sam series is returning for a fourth entry and for some reason he’s now the commander of a space ship. Don’t worry though, within seconds the trailer transitions to the over the top, batshit insane horde shooter gameplay we’ve all come to know and love from developer Croteam. We see Sam packing series staple weapons like several varieties of shotguns, assault rifles, quad cannons, actual cannons, a grenade launcher, rocket launcher, and minigun. Most of the series monsters make an appearance in the trailer too, as do some pretty good looking environments that range from the series staple dusty temples to European style towns, and a snow and fog covered Russian facility. Serious Sam 4 is releasing in August 2020 for PC and Stadia.

Devolverland Expo

Not really a game, but also a game. This genius piece of marketing is a playable first-person exploration of an abandoned fake expo where you can mess about with some distractions and see exhibits for the many games mentioned above as well as Weird West and other Devolver published games. Devolverland Expo is now available via Steam for free, so if you’d rather play your marketing material than watch it you can.

In conclusion; there weren’t any surprises this year apart from their weird marketing stunt game and the show overall was about 50/50 between trailers and the violent, swear filled, insanity Devolver have been milking for several years. Frankly, I personally didn’t really feel any excitement for anything shown this year but if I had to pick a game (and I don’t, but will anyway) as star of the show it’d be Shadow Warrior 3. After the divisive second game, it’ll be interesting to see what direction the third game heads in.

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