E3: Devolver Digital Max Pass + 2021

Posted on 13 Jun 2021 by
Jay Shaw

Devolver Digital is back with another show full of games and completely unrelated shenanigans. As usual we’ll be skipping over the shenanigans in favour of focusing on the games. If you want to see what swear filled nonsense the publisher has cooked up this year you can check out the full embed above. To the games!

Shadow Warrior 3

Another fast paced look at the slick arena shooter Shadow Warrior 3 with more grappling hook action and plenty of over the top guns on display. We also get another look at one of the new additions; ripping weapons and parts right out of enemies to use as a temporary powerful addition to your arsenal. Shadow Warrior 3 is releasing later this year.

Trek to Yomi

Black and white samurai games are thing now apparently. This side-scrolling action game looks absolutely outstanding and one of the best uses of greyscale we’ve seen in a long time. The trailer shows plenty of collapsing and burning buildings and a little running through the environment to go with the stabbing but is remarkably light on details. Trek to Yomi is releasing in 2022.

Phantom Abyss

Our second look at roguelike temple raiding game Phantom Abyss this weekend. For those who missed the first time (shame on you) it’s a first-person asynchronous multiplayer game where you only get a single shot at each randomly generated, trap-filled ruin and can see the ghosts of previous players attempts. Phantom Abyss is coming to Steam Early Access on 22 June 2021.

Wizard with a Gun

This two minute animated trailer is full of wizards with guns and that’s a concept we can get behind there’s even a little gameplay at the end. Wizard with a Gun is a multiplayer survival sandbox and is coming in 2022 for PC and Switch.

Death’s Door

Another second look at a previously announced game, this time with way more gameplay featuring some of the boss battles. Death’s Door is a three-quarters perspective action game about a crow that happens to be a grim reaper in a world where nothing dies. Death’s Door is releasing on 20 July 2021.


From the twisted mind of Daniel Mullins (Pony Island) comes Inscryption, a deck building rogue-lite that mixes in elements of escape room style puzzles and psychological horror. Card battles look to take place on a grid and have your typical card game things like creatures that fly or block and have separate health and attack values. There’s almost certainly far more to it than the trailer reveals, after all Pony Island was one heck of a trip. Inscyption is releasing in 2021.

That’s it, end of the show for PC announcements. Devolver did announce a mobile game called Tumble Time and a Switch release called Demon Throttle that looks a lot like 1989 Square Soft NES travesty King’s Knight, except fun and if it were coming to PC it’d be our pick for game of the show. Instead, we’re going to pick the mysterious Trek to Yomi for its outstanding visual style and because samurai will never not be cool.

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