Street Fighter V – Guile

Posted on 21 Apr 2016 by
Sawyer Scherbenske

With more boom than Laura and a haircut so bizarre it rivals Nash’s, Guile crouch walks his way into Street Fighter V at last! Unlike Alex, the previous DLC character, Guile looks very close to his roots. He’s still a charge character, still is a contender for flattest haircut in gaming history, and still throws out more Sonic Booms than Sega wished they did a year ago.

He can throw up to what looks like three sonic booms now in V-Trigger with a little EX, can combo using his booms, can set up static projectiles to juice up his booms as his V-Skill, and all sorts of neat tricks. While the boom looks like it’s gone through tons of change, he can still flash kick, still has sonic hurricane, and has all the tech to play as a wall just like he did in SF IV.

Plus his theme is back and it’s the best soundtrack in the entire game just like it deserved to be.

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