Saints Mod the Fourth

Posted on 23 Nov 2016 by
L Coulsen

Have you ever played a Saints Row game and thought “damn, this shit is just way too mundane for my tastes?” Well, if you have, dafug is wrong with you?! And yeah, me too. But fear not! Now Saints Row IV has mod support via Steam workshop, because…fuck it, why not? This is all Pierce’s fault somehow.

There isn’t much there as of now, mostly clothing and weapon mods. The latter including the awesome flamethrower guitar from Mad Max, but give it time. My only thoughts about this would be to prepare your buttholes ‘Cause if you thought Volition was…interesting with its creativity and crudeness, just wait till the fans start having some fun with how far they can go with the tools available to them.

Oh, and if you haven’t already added this gem into your collection, Steam has a 75% off discount until November 29th, I suggest you get on that while you can.

Official Press Release

The Saints Row series is all about the freedom to play how you want, and we’re now taking that one step further today with the launch of Steam Workshop support for Saints Row IV on PC. It’s never been easier to create and install mods that add new weapons, clothing and change the way you play.

There were many challenges in implementing Steam Workshop functionality since the game was not originally designed to support modding. It was all a labour of love for developer Deep Silver Volition who worked directly with the modding community to develop the modding tools and adapt the game code. This was all built for the fans who have shown an incredible amount of passion and creativity over the years, and we can’t wait to see what kind of crazy content they come up with!

Head over to the Saints Row IV community hub in your Steam client, click the Workshop tab, and start browsing. See a mod you like? Hit the “Subscribe” button to install. It’s just that easy!
Saints Row IV Steam Workshop:

To celebrate the launch of the Steam Workshop we’re also offering 75% off Saints Row IV on Steam all this week and next. To buy:

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