Quake’s New Scalebearer Champion

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Id Software and Sabre Interactive have this time dropped their newest Champion profile from Quake Champions upon us, introducing the Warlord of the marauding Greiss, “Scalebearer”. A heavy hitter who crushes his foes…literally.

I didn’t know that Bethesda is trying to mix the old-school arena shooters with basic MOBA elements, but it seems like they’re giving it a go anyway and giving each champion their own active and passive abilities. For this guy right here, the passive ability is the “Heavyweight”…you jump on your enemies and reduce them to a simple splattered blood decal on the floor. The active one lets you charge into enemies as if you were a raging bull, neat!

That’s why it’s called “Bull Rush” I guess, probably just coincidence though, probably…anyway, much like the last Champion profile shared to us, we have an idea on what to expect with the new characters, without a doubt, many more profiles will be sliding across our desk as the game’s launch approaches, so check back here at Pixel Judge for further details in the coming weeks.

Official Press Release

Today we’re excited to offer a first look at Scalebearer – a relentless warlord determined to lead you to victory. Along with the recently featured Nyx, he’s just one of the many Champions who brings a unique set of abilities to enhance your own skills in Quake Champions.

This warlord of the marauding Greiss plundered the technology of countless worlds to strengthen his armies. But defeat by a reclusive, phase-shifting race led to his exile. Obsessed with vengeance, he discovered their power source: an ancient shrine holding a seething sphere of liquid within. When at last he slaughtered its guardians and entered, the sphere consumed him – and he vanished. He awoke in the Dreamlands, a bizarre, brutal realm, transformed by arcane energy. Now he seeks a way back to the waking world to regain his command and wield his newfound might.

Active Ability – Bull Rush

  • The galactic warlord’s active ability, Bull Rush, will let him charge head on against foes in Quake Champions, clobbering your opponents with full force.

Passive Ability – Heavyweight

  • Scarebearer’s Heavyweight passive allows him to use his extra weight to crush his enemies. Spot an enemy Champion approaching? A well timed rocketjump landing will crush opponents below your feet.

Both Scalebearer and Nyx will be part of the upcoming Quake Champions Closed Beta, which you can sign up for right now. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks for more Champion profiles, as well as Arena videos and spotlights on game modes.

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