Nyx Phases Into Existence in Quake: Champions

Posted on 12 Mar 2017 by
Kyle Johnson

Building off the Closed Beta announcement earlier this week, id Software and Saber Interactive have released the first Champion trailer concerning Nyx, the Fathom Agent.

Her active ability is “Ghost Walk,” which teleports her into a space where she can avoid damage and move without being seen. This can be used for repositioning, stalking, or straight-up killing upon the phase-in. Her passive ability is “Wall Jump,” which is exactly what it sounds like…does it need explaining? Have you not played Super Metroid as a child, or more recently, played Titan Fall

The first teaser trailer in a series for Quake: Champion’s combat arenas has been released, just in time to drum up hype for the playable Demo at PAX East. Based on a map from Quake III Arena, The Camping Grounds (Q3DM6), Blood Covenant promises familiar jump pads, quad damage power-ups, and rocket jump maneuvers, while still offering ways to play, especially considering the inclusion of Champion Abilities.

Beta signups are still ongoing, and with a number of arena shooters now on the market, it’s a good time to be a fan of fast-paced skilled FPS games.

Official Press Release

Today we’re excited to begin offering first looks at the Champions from Quake Champions, starting with the agile and covert Nyx. Nyx offers speed and subterfuge to players with abilities meant to showcase movement skills and strategy. As a reminder — Nyx will be available for fans to try themselves this week at PAX East in the Bethesda booth (#18007 and 20007).

For more information on Nyx, including the Lore behind her appearance in the Arenas, you will find an updated Champion Profile page at www.Quake.com.

And don’t forget — keep an eye out tomorrow for our first Arena reveal, focusing on the unholy Blood Covenant.

CHAMPION PROFILE: Nyx – Fathom Agent

Starting Statistics:

  • Starting Health: 100
  • Starting Armor: 75
  • Speed: 270
  • Active Ability — Ghost Walk: using the Ghost Walk Active Ability moves Nyx into another dimension, instantly making her invisible and immune to damage. Players can use this ability to escape tough battles, maneuver unseen behind unsuspecting enemies, or even avoid damage from incoming projectiles. Re-materializing in the same spot as an enemy will result in an instant Ability Kill.
  • Passive Ability — Wall Jump: Nyx’s Passive Ability extends her mobility by allowing her to jump twice – once off the floor and another time off of a nearby wall. Wall Jump can help players traverse wide distances between heights or gain the upper hand in a showdown with foes by creating more space to aim and frag.

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