Nvidia Brings a Scary Vault to Fallout 4

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

Nvidia decided that making GPU’s is too difficult and moved onto modding.

Being a little bit more serious, Nvidia released a Fallout 4 mod called Vault 1080. If the vanilla game or Nuka-World is too joyful and cheery, at least as much as a post-apocalyptical world can be, then enter the gloomy and eerie Vault 1080. Fog and godrays abound, you will have an additional hour long quest to either save or doom the said new vault and its inhabitants.

This is obviously done to promote the new GeForce 1080 (and 10x series) GPU’s. Nvidia used all their knowledge and skills to implement cutting edge Gameworks tech to make the additional content stand out in spectacle and to kill AMD in the process.

According to the Nvidia blog the mod is supposed to be out but for some reason it’s not on Beth-net anymore. Most likely it was a mistake, an announced made too early, and taken down as the trailer above clearly indicates that it was supposed to be a PAX announcement. So be patient and give it a little more time.

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