QuakeCon 2021 Day 1

Posted on 20 Aug 2021 by
Jay Shaw

The yearly QuakeCon event is happening this week and while we’re a day behind it does allow us to take a look at the full show. Perhaps most interesting from day one is another look and some info about Deathloop. As usual for these things, you can watch the full show in the embed above and we’ll cover the individual games below.


Game Director Dinga Bakaba from Arkane Lyon joined the show to give us some more info about Deathloop’s multiplayer PvP. As we’ve known for a while, players will normally be playing protagonist Colt but can also play as antagonist Juliana and invade other people’s games Dark Souls style. When not controlled by another player, Juliana will be AI controlled.

When choosing to play as Juliana players will be taken to a loadout screen where they can choose what weapons and cosmetics to take into the session. You can then choose whether to invade a random game or one of your friends. While Colt can die three times per loop, Juliana can only die once and will be booted back to the lobby after her defeat. Other than the lives thing, the characters will share powers and be an equal match in terms of firepower.

Juliana players will be rewarded for their knowledge of the map too. Knowing NPC patrols and where targets will be will allow the invader to set up traps and ambushes. If Colt players manage to take down Juliana there are rewards: powers, trinkets (basically perks), and legendary quality weapons, in addition to currency. That’s nice for Colt, but Juliana players will just be playing for the fun of it – no rewards or progression will be awarded even if they succeed. Perhaps we’re overly cynical but that sure sounds like a recipe for populating your PvP entirely with griefers.

Story-wise, we also learn a little about Juliana’s motivations: She’s not on the island for the potential immortality but she wants a challenge in the proverbial most dangerous game. Juliana wants Colt to get to her level, put up a good fight, and provide her with a challenge. She’s like a dog training a cat to fight back just to make it more fun.

Campaign designer Dana Nightingale also joined the stream to talk about the campaign structure and the “murder puzzle.” The general gist is mostly what we already knew; players will have to explore the island to learn about their targets, figure out how to manipulate their schedules, and get all the targets lined up for a perfect run. Players will be started off with a couple of clues, which can lead to more clues as players investigate, or they can ignore the info they have and just go off on their own to explore and learn more about the space and its inhabitants.

Outside of the “murder puzzle” players will be able to find all the weird things the island’s immortal denizens get up to. These events will also be influenced by the player; one example given is that players can avert accidents that kill people and those people will show up in another area later in the loop, changing events there.

That’s all the info for today, but tomorrow we’ll have the voice actors for Juliana and Colt joining the show to talk more about their personalities and motivations.

Fallout 76

You can watch the above segment if you somehow give a shit about an almost two month old patch for a game no one likes. Oof we went into that joke harder than intended. But we are joking (kind of) but this whole segment is a big recap of the recent updates and improvements to the game. We’re not going to bother recapping the whole thing because chances are zero percent of our readers have even considered playing the game, if you’re somehow outside of that made-up statistic the segment is embedded above.

Elder Scrolls Online

Amongst talk of playing however you want and the ability to respec we’ve got a lot of fluff about how great the game is and how a couple of the developers like to play. Frankly, there’s zero information for most of the segment but we’ve included the embed of the whole segment above, y’know, in case you need a sleep aid.

If you did manage to stay awake through all the pointless stuff we do get a little info about the upcoming DLC, Waking Flame, due to release in Q3 2021, which will include two new dungeons: Red Petal Bastion and The Dread Cellar which will further the story from the previous Oblivion focused DLC and will lead into the Q4 DLC which will be all about an area called the Deadlands. A trailer for the Waking Flame DLC can be found in the second embed above if you just want to skip to the good bits.

That’s all for the PC news. Stay tuned tomorrow for another look at more Deathloop and whatever else comes up in the show.

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