E3: Bethesda 2019

Posted on 10 Jun 2019 by
Jay Shaw

Bethesda will be taking to the floor at 1:30AM BST for their E3 show. Grab a midnight cup of tea, get comfy, and check back because the post will be getting updated throughout the show.

Fallout 76

In the first PC related announcement of the show, Bethesda have revealed new update called Wastelanders coming to Fallout 76. The trailer shows human NPCs, dialogue choices, a story line, and new weapons and armour as well as promising “choice & consequence”. Don’t worry, much wronged 76 players, you’ll be getting it for free. Additionally: there’ll be a free trial for the game between 10-17 June 2019. Lastly, a new game mode where players compete in a 52 player battle royale for the leadership of Vault 51 which Bethesda say will be playable during the free trial period and beyond.

GhostWire: Tokyo

Shinji Mikami himself took to the stage to announce Tango Gameworks new game: GhostWire: Tokyo. Ikumi Nakamura (Creative director) followed him to explain a bit more about the game, saying it will be an action adventure game but not survival horror as the studio are known for. If the trailer is to be believed the game will involve interacting with spirits and a lot of disappearing people leaving their clothes behind. We see what is presumably the main character using a bow and casting some kind of dome shaped spell.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Bethesda have revealed a new trailer for their MMO expansion into the lands of the Khajiit: Elsweyr, focusing on the fourth expansion’s fourth quarter content Dragonhold. We’re not going to lie, the cinematic trailer has a cool skeleton fighting a dragon and the smoke’s kinda nice. More information is to be revealed in the future.

Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons Of Elsweyr

A new expansion, Moons Of Elsweyr will be coming to Elder Scrolls: Legends on 27 June 2019 on all platforms. More details on some of the new cards will be posted on Bethesda’s official site.

Rage 2 – Rise of the Ghosts

Rage 2 will be receiving its first expansion in the form of Rise of the Ghosts. There’s a giant sand worm, new cheat codes including bloody mess, low gravity, and “rejector seat”. Additionally there’ll be a pilotable mech, a new motorcycle, a motorised uni-wheel type vehicle, and new enemies in the form of the new Ghosts faction. Additionally, there’ll be new story and weapons, as you’d expect from an expansion, though none of that was shown.

Wolfenstein Cyberpilot

This VR game will see you playing as a French resistance hacker who’ll hijack Nazi machines and turn them on the attackers. Details are light on the ground, but we really hope you’ll get to play as a Panzerhund and drag your arse all over some fancy Nazi rugs.

Wolfenstein Youngblood

The second Wolfenstein reveal is a new sequel to last year’s Wolfenstein 2. Youngblood will feature cooperative gameplay for the first time in the series. Set in the 1980’s, you’ll take on the role of BJ’s twin daughters on their mission to track down a missing BJ. The action packed trailer shows almost non-stop shooting and Nazi stabbing, capping off the whole thing with a 26 July 2019 release date!


Arkane Lyon took to the stage to reveal their new action game: Deathloop. Set on the island of Black Reef, the game revolves around two rivals – one trying to end a cycle, the other trying to protect it. Arkane say the game will feature Dishonored style complex levels that players can approach in their own style. More details aren’t forthcoming at the moment, but fans of Dishonored will probably want to keep a close eye on this one.

Doom Eternal

“Why are you here?” begins the trailer. “For Doom Eternal, baby!” we answer. There’s a regal looking ghost guy on a throne, some space angel thing, and talk of heaven’s wrath. Naturally, the trailer doesn’t take much time philosophising because the Doom Slayer’s got demons to turn into jelly and that’s a thing he’s very, very good at. Some of the new features we spotted were shootable switches, and a weapon firing some kind of energy pulse. Rad suits, climbable walls, toxic goop, and air-dash refilling power-ups also make an appearance. Developers taking to the stage after the trailer aired confirmed that the Doom Slayer will be going to Earth, heaven, hell, and “the Sentinel homeworld”. Some gameplay following the developers talk shows the Doom Slayer launching from an installation in space in an escape pod down to a ruined Martian surface, seemingly merged with hell, and a demonic corruption meter visible in the upper right of the HUD. New demons and a new plasma rifle reminiscent of the classic Doom style shoots both rapid fire and has a beam attack. Poles protruding from walls can be swung on by the player to aid in traversing the environment look like they’ll be integral to combat. Another new gun, somewhat reminiscent of Unreal Tournament‘s Flak Cannon appears to function as a grenade launcher.

Doom Eternal‘s new multiplayer mode, called Battlemode, has been revealed. In this new mode, two player controlled demons (with additional spawnable AI demons) will take on a single player controlled Slayer. Playable demons shown include the Mancubus and Revenant. More details will follow at QuakeCon.

Lastly we have a release date: 22 November 2019 and details of the collectors edition including a full-size wearable Doom Slayer helmet.

As every cynical viewer expected, Bethesda was a train wreck. Not technically, but they come out with self effacing jokes and acting like everything’s great with Fallout 76 when it’s been nothing but a foetid dumpster fire since launch. Ghostwire Tokyo livened up the middle of the show; Mikami metaphorically handing off to his successor on stage was a big moment for survival horror as a genre. Naturally, Doom Eternal stole the show with a boatload of brutal gameplay footage, just a shame they didn’t show it at the start so people wouldn’t have to sit through the rest of the shite.

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