Endless Space 2: Riftborn

Posted on 17 Mar 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Amplitude reveal their seventh race for Endless Space 2, the Riftborn.

The Riftborn are desperate creatures from another existence, trying to reverse the disaster that tore a hole between our universe and theirs. Once content to live timelessly within the perfect order of their world, now they have become infected with chaos of our universe, and they will do anything to close the breach.

Amplitude are known for their creativity and ability to summon up convincing worlds with diverse ecosystems, indeed that is a large part of the attraction of Endless Space 2, the asymmetry, and the intriguing universe, but this time Amplitude have upped their game and pumped out a race even more alien and strange than usual.

The Riftborn’s unique mechanic is their ability to control time, and create “bubbles” of time within huge sectors of space. How exactly this will translate in terms of gameplay is unclear, but it’s a tantalizing concept that I can’t wait to discover more about, I also can’t wait to get my hands on those cool-ass spaceships of theirs either.

The Riftborn will be added to ES2 in Update 3 of the Early Access rollout. Along with the Riftborn, update 3 will also bring more life to the universe with: new solar-winds, nebula, and trading ships, additionally there are also tweaks to the AI, tech tree, battle system, new Multiplayer 8-way matches, and more.

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