Endless Space 2: The Unfallen

Posted on 11 May 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Amplitude Studios have announced ‘The Unfallen’ as the final empire to be added to Endless Space 2 before release.

The Unfallen are essentially sentient trees, peaceful in nature, which if they can avoid conflict and gain allies during battle, this race can really thrive. Created as part of the Games2Gether scheme, with Amplitude working hand in hand with community members when designing the empire.

Apart from being literal tree huggers, The Unfallen have a number of unique abilities, including giving powerful bonuses to allies and the ability to activate Guardians, the Hero units of Endless Space 2, which is set to release on the 19th of May. However, Early Access is available before it’s official launch, and Endless Space 2 has seen very good praise from the fans thus far.

Official Press Release

Amplitude Studios announced today that the 8th major faction for their sci-fi grand strategy game, Endless Space 2, will be available via Steam on May 19. The Unfallen civilization, completely designed by the community, utilizes gameplay modeled around a tree metaphor, with the Unfallen’s homeworld being the trunk, as they slowly expand via their tendrils – colonizing systems that are nearest their homeworld. To lose their homeworld is to lose their entire empire, as the Unfallen must maintain contact with their homeworld to survive.

Players of the Unfallen will favor the “slow and steady” pacifist style of play, rather than rushing out to conquer as quickly as possible – expanding their “branches” as they go, while seeking symbiosis with the other factions and providing bonuses to their allies. The Unfallen are also in synch with nature and have the unique ability to awaken the Guardians, beings that normally lie dormant on planets, which when awoken, provide benefits to their owner and friends, and penalties to their foes. Created in cooperation with the Endless Space 2 community, the Unfallen were designed in several phases by fans via Games2Gether – each phase reflecting an aspect of the new faction; the gameplay, the visuals, and the narrative.

Endless Space 2 is currently available on Early Access on Steam. Known for its deep, engaging, and gorgeous grand strategy games including 2014’s celebrated Endless Legend™ and Dungeon of the Endless™, Amplitude Studios won the venerable 2013 Golden Cube and Community Choice Unity Awards for Endless Space and the 2015 Best 3D Visual Experience for Endless Legend.

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