Endless Space 2 Sees a Successful Launch

Posted on 24 May 2017 by
Stephen Haselden

Time has run out, Endless Space 2 has arrived and you will never have free time again, ever!

Unless of course you use the Riftborn faction, who can manipulate time. I’m pumped, I’m excited about this, and I was never even a huge fan of the first game, but Endless Space was brimful of great sci-fi ideas, great art and a great interface, and by all appearances, Endless Space 2 has maxed out all the same features and then some!

Developers, Amplitude Studios, have gone a step further than many other developers, using their Games2gether program to fill out ES2 with new ideas and content. The last race to be revealed for Endless Space 2, was the Unfallen. A race of sentient trees, more interested in setting down roots than in branching into warfare (sorry, once I start with bad puns, they just keep on…budding). The Unfallen are a unique race with unique mechanics and strategies, and they were developed in cooperation with community members, however, they are not unique in their uniqueness.

Every race in ES2 has something different to offer, be it an insatiable need for conquest, an aptitude for getting the best trades, the ability to screw with time, or even the gift of knowing they are all made in the exact image of their god (clones with vanity!). Endless Space 2 has gone a step further than most 4X games, rather than simply giving each race a +1 to strength or a -1 to speed, it’s given its races different strategies, and in some cases vastly different mechanics too, so that playing ES2 with any of the eight available empires feels almost like playing a different game altogether.

Endless Space 2 is available for £34.99 (or your regional equivalent). A digital Deluxe version is also available for those with £s to spare and a desire for digital extras.

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