Endless Space 2 Coming to Early Access

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

This has been a great year for space 4X games, with epic titles like Stellaris and the new Master of Orion, as well as new indie titles like Polaris Sector and Unending Galaxy. 2016 has been a real treat, but the year’s not over yet and it may be that the best is yet to come. Perhaps the most anticipated 4X still to arrive this year is Endless Space 2, a sequel to one of the great 4X games that began the resurgence of the genre in 2012. Amplitude have had a very productive time during these four years, first with a venture into indie heaven with the stylish and pixelated Dungeon of the Endless. Next another unique title their fantasy 4X series – Endless Legends had a faulty start, but went on to gain critical acclaim. Amplitude have gone from strength to strength, however even signing up with industry giant SEGA just last month. Amplitudes history reads like a Cinderella story for indie developers, but the story’s not over and the happy ending is still going on.

Amplitude have surprised their fan base once again, after speculations that Endless Space 2 wouldn’t be released until later this year, the studio have announced a ‘soft’ release in September with their new 4X making its way onto Steam Early Access.

From what we’ve seen Amplitude love to involve their audience in the decision making, also they’re more than capable of coming up with innovative and unique mechanics on their own, and they have shown they know how to handle their schedules well releasing four games in four years, each of which could of taken four years on their own to produce. All in all it seems like Early Access was designed for studios like Amplitude, and this may be one of the safest bets you see in Early Access this year.

Although not the official trailer for Endless Space 2, the video above showcases the Lumeris, the latest race to be revealed for the game.

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