Dead Island Definitive Collection Announced

Posted on 04 Mar 2016 by
Simon Sirmenis

If with all the sales, bundles and re-releases you still haven’t been swayed to get Dead Island or Dead Island Riptide, Deep Silver hopes that a new repackage for both games will get you into their camp. Both games have also had a new coat of paint with increased texture and lighting quality, improved effects and updated UI. Or you could just jump straight to Dying Light?

Dead Island and Riptide will be available as Definitive Editions or a Definitive Collection that will also include Dead Island Retro Revenge little sides-croller. What is strange though is that the Definitive Colletion does not include Escape Dead Island but maybe they are saving that for the Ultimate Definitive Collection, who knows.

The official press release is below.

Official Press Release
Dead Island and its undead successor Dead Island: Riptide (including all previously released DLC) have been completely remastered for the first time on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC!

Deep Silver revisits the iconic bone-crunching terror of the original zombie-slaying smash hit as Dead Island and Dead: Island Riptide shuffle onto a whole new generation of consoles. Featuring fully remastered and greatly improved versions of the series’ first two instalments, get ready for the ultimate Dead Island experience.

Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide have been completely overhauled utilising Techland‘s next gen engine, adding significant visual and performance upgrades, whilst introducing cutting edge current-generation graphical effects:

·        Higher Quality Textures
Game textures have been redone in a higher resolution and the level of quality has been improved across the board

·        Photorealistic new lighting system
The lighting system in the game has been vastly improved, providing a much more realistic look, enhancing the stunning tropical setting

·        Physically based shading
The introduction of new physically based shading techniques due to the latest iteration of the Chrome Engine means a higher quality look to the game models and objects as they react in a more realistic way to various lighting conditions

·        Image quality enhancements via anti-aliasing
The addition of more sophisticated anti-aliasing means that console players can now experience Dead Island without unsightly “jaggies“ – meaning a much cleaner look throughout

·        Improved-quality game models and geometry assets
All major geometry assets (for example: NPCs and character models) highlight a marked quality increase

·        HBAO and motion blur effects
The introduction of Horizon-based Ambient Occlusion  adds an extra layer of depth and realism to the world

Through a better implementation of object shadows, while the all-new motion blur effects will provide a much more cinematic feel to the game experience.

·        Updated game UI
Providing a more consistent look between both Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide. Increase to equal quality level for seamless game experience.

·        The Current-gen Console Experience
The Dead Island Redux Collection will also of course take advantage of the latest console features such as Online 4 Player Co-op, PS Vita Remote-Play (PS4), Share-Play (PS4), streaming and recording

·        Power Fists Power-up
And last but not least, The fan favourite unofficial PC mod will also now be added to both products. Punch your way through the mayhem with craziest power-up ever!

But wait there’s more! Added into the mix of flesh-eating zombie chaos is a brand new side-scrolling/endless runner action game Dead Island Retro Revenge!

Features at a glance:

·        Retro look meets melee-based combat

·        Featuring leaderboards, achievements and plenty of depth

·        Game mechanics include power-ups, super attacks and a combo system

Dead Island Definitive Collection is a compilation containing Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition and also includes for free Dead Island Retro Revenge!. It will be available at retail and digital for a suggested price of $39.99/€39.99/£29.99Available at the same time, Dead Island Definitive Edition, and Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition will each be available separately and as a digital download for Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system and PC at suggested a price of $19.99/€19.99/£14.99

Both titles, Dead Island Definitive Edition, Dead Island: Riptide Definitive Edition, plus the compilation Dead Island Definitive Collection are scheduled for release May 31st 2016 on Xbox One, PlayStation, and Windows PC.

Product Details

Release:                31st May 2016

Publisher:                Deep Silver

Devloper:                Techland

Platforms:                 PS4, XBOne, PC

Price:                        $39.99/€39.99/£29.99 (Collection)

                        $19.99/€19.99/£14.99 (Editions)

Age Rating:                 ESRB M / PEGI 18 / USK –

Comments (5)

Posts: 133
Simon Sirmenis
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 18:11
I understand that Deep Silver are just trying to get a cut of Techlands pie but I think its too little too late. Dying Light is just a much better game.

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 13:15
'Cause Dead Island 2 is being developed by a different studio and precisely BECAUSE it was delayed. A re-release is an effective way to remind people the franchise still exists and, if done well, revitalise interest

Posts: 11
Tomer S.
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 11:49
I mean this is something that does look like it would appeal to a number of people but why now? Dead Island 2 has been delayed a bunch of times and we haven't had much news on it lately then this shows up? Why don't they just concentrate on the new game? Weird.

Posts: 37
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 09:23
'You know how we can sell better graphics to the people? Exactly, a metric shit ton of bloom and chromatic aberration!'

Posts: 349
L Coulsen
Posted 05 Mar 2016, 02:50
Hmm. You know, I might just go for this