Rainbow Six Siege Free To Play This Weekend

Ubisoft's team based shooter Rainbow Six Siege is having a free weekend where you'll be able to play the game without restrictions for a couple of days. Additionally, the game will be available at up to 50% off the regular price during the free period and if you buy the game your progress will carry…
NEWS 18 Aug 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Quake Champions is Heading to Early Access

Toting a $30 price tag as it moves from closed beta into Early Access, Quake Champions is officially hitting Steam and next week, on August 22nd. Buying the Early Access pack (called the Champions Pack) nets you access to all 11 champions currently in the game, plus any future champions added to the game.…

Guild Wars 2 Path Of Fire Elite Specialisations Dev Diary

Long running pay once play forever MMO, Guild Wars 2 is about to receive its second expansion titled Path of Fire that's introducing a boatload of new features. Today we have the first of three developer diary videos that will introduce some of the major changes coming to the game. Todays video focuses on Elite…
NEWS 15 Aug 2017­ by Jay Shaw

Call Of Duty WW2 Multiplayer Private Beta Skips PC

Rejoice console peasants! We, your glorious PC master race are generous gods! We have forsaken our role in beta testing Call Of Duty WW2 to allow you, the unwashed, cabbage scented masses wallowing in your analogue stick fields a chance to experience the excitement we have known since time immemorial. That's right, young triangle-button farmer!…
NEWS 08 Aug 2017­ by Max Halcomb

LawBreakers is Live on Steam

LawBreakers, a very Quake-like arena style multiplayer game, is now out on Steam. The title is developed by Boss Key Productions and led by Cliff Blezinski, the guy who was the Design Director on Gears of War. The game plays like a modern version of Quake Arena mixed with very addictive anti-gravity and movement systems.…
PREVIEWS 03 Aug 2017­ by Kyle Johnson

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

“Heads up, enemy mans ahead.” We scan the ridgeline for movement, focusing between tall evergreens and rock outcroppings. Then, we see shuffling. “150 degrees, probably 400 meters away. Go for it.” First one shot, then two more. All four of us are peering through our sights, trying to land a good hit. Suddenly, the wheat…
GAME PROFILE 02 Aug 2017 by Hendrik

Guild Wars 2

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Escape From Tarkov Closed Beta Begins

The upcoming hardcore online multiplayer FPS from Battlestate Games, Escape from Tarkov, has entered its next stage in development with the Closed Beta testing phase starting up. To gain instant access to the Beta, one must pre-order any of the various editions available via the official website. For those who would rather wait a bit…
GAME PROFILE 31 Jul 2017 by David

Escape From Tarkov

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LawBreakers Steam Beta Open to All

Nexon and Boss Key Productions' upcoming gravity-defying PvP combat FPS, LawBreakers, the brain child of Gears of War creator, Cliff Bleszinski, has opened its Beta doors to all today via Steam. With its release date growing closer (August 8th), and after successful Closed Alpha and Beta test phases, LawBreakers is giving us another opportunity to…

H1Z1: King of the Kill Update Details

Daybreak Game Company's fast-paced, large scale PvP shooter, H1Z1: King of the Kill, has received a huge update recently. Included with it are various bug-fixes, quality of life tweaks, updated anti-cheat, new places of interest, vehicle and UI improvements and "Pleasant Valley nightmare", a new skirmish mode. There is just too many update highlights to list…
GAME PROFILE 30 Jun 2017 by Hendrik

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds

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Hellion Cinematic Trailer Reveal

From indie developer Zero Gravity, comes our first glimpse at the utter destruction that humanity faced as they worked towards building the very first interstellar human colony. Set in the vastness of space aboard a doomed space station, with only remnants of past lives lived remaining, Hellion's twisted survival sci-fi world will have us crawling at the…

Rising Storm 2’s First Patch Has Arrived

Tripwire Interactive's brutally authentic tactical shooter, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, has received its first major update patch since launching May 30th. Today's 1.01 quality-of-life performance update contains a large list of new changes, bug fixes and general improvements, in thanks to the feedback of its active community. There is simply to much to list for…