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NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Devolver Digital Max Pass + 2021

Devolver Digital is back with another show full of games and completely unrelated shenanigans. As usual we'll be skipping over the shenanigans in favour of focusing on the games. If you want to see what swear filled nonsense the publisher has cooked up this year you can check out the full embed above. To the…
NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by L Coulsen

E3: Ubisoft Forward 2021

Ubisoft had a pretty lengthy presentation for us, this year. A lot of it is talking about their aims as a game developer, so, PR speak. Though it does contain some interesting insights into their methodology around accessibility. Such as customising fonts and icons to make their more easily visible to people with vision difficulties.…
NEWS 13 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Upload VR 2021

This year we've actually got the capability to experience VR games and so we're going to be covering a new show we'd previously left on the cutting room floor due to our own inexperience with VR. We're wishing really hard for a mech sim but we used our three wishes on pizza and energy drinks…
NEWS 12 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Tribeca Games Spotlight 2021

We've got another new show this year – the Tribeca Games Spotlight that aired as part of IGN's segment of the show. The usual rules apply – full stream above and individual games minus fluff below. Let's dive in and see what's interesting: Signalis Actually announced a year ago, it's nice to see the wonderful…
NEWS 12 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Koch Primetime 2021

E3 is in full swing as of today and there's plenty more games to see. First up today we've got Koch Media's Primetime show. As usual you can watch the whole show above or skip all the fluff and keep reading for a look at just the games. We're eager to see what's in-show too…
NEWS 11 Jun 2021­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Day of the Devs 2021

With some overlap from the Summer Game Fest that we've already covered, we'll be skipping the first 27 minutes of this show just to save us the copy-paste. If you've been paying attention to the news we've been posting this afternoon you'll have seen a couple of the games from this show already. As usual,…

Blood Bowl 3 – Elven Union Spotlight

Cyanide and NACON have released a new spotlight video for the latest team to be announced for Blood Bowl 3, the Elven Union. These speedy tree huggers specialise in passing and evading rather than the usual Blood Bowl tactic of breaking all your opponents bones. The Elven Union is playable in the currently running closed…

Garden Story – Announcement

Developers Picogram and publisher Rose City Games have revealed Garden Story, an action RPG about a young grape who has to protect and rebuild their home. You can check out the trailer above and press release below for more info. Garden Story is releasing in Summer 2021 for PC, Mac, and Switch.

Ikai – Announcement

Endflame and PM Studios have announced Ikai, a psychological horror game about a feudal era shrine priestess facing demons with “mystical kanji.” You can check out the press release below and announcement trailer above for more info. Ikai is releasing in October 2021.

Beasts of Maravilla Island – Releasing Tomorrow

Wildlife photography game Beasts of Maravilla Island is releasing tomorrow, 12 June 2021 for PC and Switch. You can check out the press release below for more info. PlayStation versions will follow at a later date.

Greak: Memories of Azur – Releasing August

Greak: Memories of Azur is a side scrolling puzzle platformer from developers Navegante Entertainment and publisher Team17. Players take on the role of three siblings, each with unique abilities, as they try to escape an invasion by building an airship. Greak: Memories of Azur is releasing on 12 August 2021 for PC and consoles.

MONARK – Announcement

FURYU Corporation and publisher NIS America have announced MONARK, a JRPG developed by Lancarse (Shin Megami Tensei Strange Journey, Etrian Odyssey 1 and 2) set in an academy engulfed by a madness inducing mist. Naturally, only you (yes, you!) can save everyone.

AlterLife – Announcement

Indie studio VGG Studio have revealed AlterLife, a life simulation game in the same vein as The Sims. AlterLife promises incredible levels of customization for characters and their homes. Check out the trailer above and press release below for more info.

Side Effect – Announcement

Side Effect is a first person exploration game about fighting pollution on an island as a cute little fox called Tobi. You can check out the game's teaser trailer above and press release below for more info. A demo is available via Steam.