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Ary and the Secret of Seasons – Developer Walkthrough Vid

New gameplay footage, complete with developer commentary, has been released for Ary and the Secret of Seasons. The game will be releasing in September 2020 for PC and consoles.

The Revenant Prince – Developer Walkthrough Trailer

Nomina Games have released a new trailer for The Revenant Prince where one of the developers walks us through the game's setting, characters, and battle system. A demo is available via Steam but there's no release date yet.
NEWS 25 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire Event (Ep.1)

It's finally time for the first Cyberpunk 2077 Night City Wire stream where we'll get a look at some more gameplay, a new trailer, and one of the game's features called “braindances” which are kind of VR experiences. Don't worry, it'll make sense by the time this is over. After a brief introduction we're thrown…
NEWS 25 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Cris Tales – 9 Minute Gameplay Video

It's a good day if you're a fan of nine minute long videos. The second one we've got for you is for Cris Tales, the cute as heck RPG from developers SYCK and Dreams Uncorporated and publisher Modus Games. Cris Tales is launching on 17 November 2020 for PC and consoles including Stadia.

Biomutant – 9 Minute Gameplay Trailer

Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic have released nine minutes of gameplay footage from Biomutant, marking the largest amount of the game we've seen since its initial cinematic trailer made a splash over a year ago. There's details on the game's collector's and atomic editions in the press release below.
NEWS 25 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Marvel’s Avengers Wartable

Last night's Avengers wartable stream finally gave us a more in-depth look at the game. The show starts off with a bunch of cinematics from the game showing Kamala Khan (Ms Marvel) and a couple of thugs before an AIM recruiter tries to recruit her then rapidly escalating into her joining the Avengers and a…

Towaga: Among Shadows – Releasing July

Sunnyside Games and Noodlecake Studios have announced that their upcoming indie shoot-em-up Towaga: Among Shadows will be releasing on Steam on 14 July 2020. Towaga is a twin stick shooter where you can either fly around as you normally would in a game of this genre, or you can plant yourself in a fixed position…

Techno Chicken – Announcement

Sometimes you're just minding your own business, reading press releases and you come across Techno Chicken which has a trailer in which a chicken flies up a pigs arse and a nuke goes off. Enjoy the trailer above, it's something special.

Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars – Dev Diary Episode 2

Large scale strategy game Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars has a new dev diary video that takes a look at how you'll be growing your empire and establishing yourself as a vampire lord. You can check it out above and more info is in the press release below. Immortal Realms: Vampire Wars is releasing on 28…

Eternal Hope – Making Of Trailer

Doublehit Games have released a new two minute video taking a look at the creation of Eternal Hope in broad terms. Eternal Hope is a 2D platformer with a silhouette style and dimension hopping gameplay. Naturally you can watch it in the embed above and check out the press release below for more info. Eternal…
NEWS 24 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: New Game+ Expo 2020

It's time for this year's gigantic New Game+ Expo stream, six and a half hours of games from various developers and publishers. We don't reckon there'll be anything too surprising at the show – we've got fairly good expectations of what we'll see from each exhibitor – but we do expect a lot of interesting…

Handball 21 – Announcement

Eko Software and Nacon have announced Handball 21, the latest edition of the long running Handball sport simulation series. The new edition will feature a new league mode and solo mode, custom set plays, and redesigned AI. Handball 21 will be releasing on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in November 2020.

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 – Announcement

CI Games have announced that a sequel to Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts is in the works and will be releasing in Fall 2020. There's very little information available other than that the game will be set in the modern day and if the promo image, above, is anything to go by it'll be taking place…
NEWS 23 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Day of the Devs 2020

It's time for this year's Day of the Devs stream and while it's not as huge as some previous years there's some new stuff we haven't seen at other shows yet. This time we'll be skipping over things that've already been shown unless there's something new to report (hint, there isn't) so let's launch into…