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NEWS 15 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Yasha is a Colourful Rougelite Set in Japan

Due to release "in 2024," this Tawainese developed game looks, well, see for yourself. I love the art style. Featuring three playable characters, it takes us to Edo-era Japan for some crunchy, Rougelite action. So pack your socks, 'cause Kansas is going 'bye-bye.'
NEWS 10 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Open a Portal into Wizard101’s Latest Update

So, not only is the game still going (which is great) it recently got a hefty new update. Called the Portal of Peril, it brings back some gameplay elements that have remained popular with the playerbase. But that's not all, and you can read the full deets in the press-release, below.
NEWS 10 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

You’re Not Yourself When You’re Hangry

Have you ever been playing a cooking game, and thought "what this really needs is gratuitous violence?" First all, why? But more importantly, this is exactly the game for you. Explore, punch, kill and eat. It's like a typical Tuesday when you're out on the lash in Manchester. But as a video-game.
NEWS 10 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

POOLS is Almost Here

Due to release in just a couple of weeks, there's already a Steam demo to whet our appetites. They also, recently, ran a beta test, which is sadly now concluded. But it will be interesting to see what comes of the feedback when April 26th rolls around. I do love me a good experimental game.
NEWS 08 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

New Trailer Shows Some Enemy Scum

Scum is one of those games that just keeps on trucking. It may not have a huge amount of recognition, but it's still going strong. Just doing its thing. And now, we have a new trailer to whet people's appetites. Focused around cinematic vistas and the various mobs you'll have to deal with. In short,…
NEWS 05 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Exoprimal? More Like Megaprimal

The latest collab/crossover is with the Mega Man series. Bringing with it, of course, the themed domestics, but also a bunch of new exosuits and some new game modes. That's a pretty hefty update. If nothing else, Capcom have shown their commitment to keeping the game updated. The new stuff arrives on April 17th, and…
NEWS 03 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Kamaeru is Set to Hop Onto Our Screens and Into Our Hearts

We don't have an exact date as of yet, just a broad "mid-2024." But that's not all that far away. Just a short hop, one might say. Not too long, at all. And worth the wait. More cozy games is always a good thing, in my book. And this one is also coming to the…
NEWS 03 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Autopsy Simulator Gets a Release Date

After going radio silent for a while, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. Well, your gloves, at any rate. Cutting up a cadaver with your bare hands would be gross. After the recent re-announcement, we now have a date of May 9th for full release. I don't know if…
NEWS 03 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Mars 2120 is Getting a Documentary

Space exploration and colonisation is definitely on the rise, as a concept, in our modern world. Which is great, in my book. We really do live in interesting times, as they say. Anyhoo, given the subject matter, the game's getting a making of documentary to capitalise on that excitement. Sadly, this news also comes with…
NEWS 02 Apr 2024­ by L Coulsen

Age of War Chapter 4 is Now Available

This is one for the fatalists among us. Because, among other things, the latest update brings the Fatality System. What is that, you might ask, well the details are in the press release, below. But in short, it's exactly what you think it is. You can dispatch your enemies in more brutal ways. But that…
NEWS 27 Mar 2024­ by L Coulsen

Zoochosis Shows Off Some Gameplay

The new trailer was made available yesterday, via our colleagues at IGN, giving us some insight into jow things will play out. It starts out all light and bouncy, then things take, well, let's say it goes a bit awry. Something is seriously wrong with these animals, and it's up to you to fix it.…
NEWS 26 Mar 2024­ by L Coulsen

Spring has Sprung into Fae Farm

Spring is most certainly in the air. To celebrate, we have a pretty hefty update, which includes too much to fully explain, so check the press release, below. However, that's not all. Expected in June (so Summer, I guess) the second major expansion is already in the works. This is just a stop-gap along the…
NEWS 26 Mar 2024­ by L Coulsen

Arma 3 Gets an Optional DLC

Now, we know what you are thinking, all DLC is optional. But in this instance, it's a little bit different. Because, you see, even people who don't purchase it can still play with those who do. You read more about the specifics, in the press release, down below. That's a pretty cool way of doing…
NEWS 25 Mar 2024­ by L Coulsen

Vampire Therapist’s Latest Trailer Muses on the Nature…

You know how it can be really easy to fall into rumination, especially as you grow into full adulthood? Well, imagine you have centuries ahead, and behind, you. How much would you start pondering your life (or unlife) after that? Well, mayhap watch the above trailer and get a little insight into precisely these musings.…