Who Fancies a Game of Gwent

Posted on 08 Jun 2016 by
Lee Braden

Well, in a bit of a strange rumbling that awoke some of my odd friends who alerted me to it, it seems that CD Projekt has trademarked Gwent.

An EU Intellectual Property Office filing by CD Projekt has been put in for various goods, such as leather cases, clothing, electronic and physical game medium and various others that could be mostly due to the way the law is worded. However the big thing is the image that plainly states that it is Gwent from the Witcher series. It seems that the game will be released in a physical format, and due to the clothing subsection (NICE category 25) we may even see t-shirts and socks with the logo on it.

With CD Projekt working on the foundations of Cyberpunk 2077, releasing a card-game would make sense to give some extra capital, and they did mention that they would be announcing something the group hasn’t done before. This could be it. But it isn’t the first time an electronic game company has done something like this. Just before the development days of EvE Online the developer CCP went and did an Iceland released only card game called “The Danger Game”, during the 10th anniversary of EvE they re-released it worldwide.

So, if CD Projekt are releasing a Gwent card game sometime in the not too distant future we may see people doing Twitch streaming of Gwent lets plays.

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David Pink
Posted 09 Jun 2016, 23:43
I fell in love with the card game in 'The Witcher III' it was a bit daunting at first, but once you got your bearings and a decent set of cards, it's so addicting! It hasn't been since 'Final Fantasy VIII' back in 1999 since I enjoyed a side quest card game within a game, oddly enough, I don't enjoy card playing outside of video games. I would really look forward to this if it would be it's own game and released on Steam, I just don't have the patience, nor the friends into something like this to enjoy in real life.