Star Wars: Galaxy in Turmoil Order 66

Posted on 01 Aug 2016 by
Lee Braden

It seems that the great “Battlefront 3” game that was Galaxy in Turmoil is no more, thanks to a bit of legal from LucasFilm and EA.

In a blog today on the official site, Tony Romanelli head of Frontwire Studios has said that he had a nice long chat with LucasFilm via a phone and got told that he is unable to carry on with the project, but they did like it. In the blog post Romanelli explains that LucasFilm loved the idea of the game and thought it would be great. However due to the deal between LucasFilm, Disney and EA, the project cannot continue, all because of the exclusivity deal with EA. EA have refused talks with Romanelli about alternate methods, even taking the game under the EA brand.

Now, I can see where the legal case prevents this, and apparently the only word from EA to LucasFilm is that “It will take players away from our Battlefront series”. I can see that being the case, as honestly, myself and several friends were excited by a new Battlefront until we saw it to be a cut-down reskinned Battlefield game, and that’s even a bit of a stretch.

BUT all is not lost, Romanelli is going forward and is using pieces of the assets that Frontwire Studios owns and is just trimming the Star Wars only bits off with a vibrosword and pressing forwards with all the same ideas, just in a new custom IP, so watch this space.

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