Shenmue III: The Face of Things to Come

Posted on 29 Sep 2017 by
L Coulsen

The latest dev diary for Shenmue III gives us a quick look at how facial animations are coming along. Almost certainly done in response to comments made after the previous video showed everyone looking a tad lifeless and wooden. They’re still a little rough around the edges to be sure, but there’s definitely progress being made. Hitting a bit of the uncanny valley at the moment. The main problem is that there’s no real transition between one expression and the next. The mouth movements are really damned smooth though. And, heh, even the voice over comments that the showcased granny (who is actually a middle-aged woman, but close enough) looks a bit scary. Which is something of a staple for Shenmue really.

There are even some subtitles, in Japanese, which have been translated here. They seem to be plot relative, perhaps a side quest that will feed into the main narrative. Talking about some “thugs” having shown up recently, going on to include an offer of helping explore the local area and maybe find some clues about what happened to Iwao, protagonist Ryo’s dead Father. Looking good guys. Just hope we don’t have to wait another eighteen years before we get some answers.

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