Prison Architect Finally Complete

Posted on 31 Aug 2016 by
Stephen Haselden

There is a problem that all game developers face, called ‘feature creep’, where it’s possible to keep adding more and more features to a game and never finish it. This problem is far more acute when the game they are making is open-ended, and they make use of Early Access program to probe players’ ideas for what they want in the final game. Obviously this has the drawback that this list of ideas for the best games will be never ending, and players can feel robbed if their own “essential” ideas are not included.

Prison Architect has benefited greatly from Early Access, it was one of the first games to use the program and had great success in siphoning feedback from fans and adapting the game to suit. Now nearly eleven months since the game’s final release, and over three years since it first came to Steam Early Access, Prison Architect has had its final update. Of course this doesn’t mean that Introversion have managed to include everything on their players’ wish list, or that every “essential” feature has been included. Considering how far they’ve come and how much depth the game now has, only the most mean-spirited or tunnel-visioned player can claim the game isn’t “complete”.

The primary feature of this final update is a “cheat” mode that makes construction and other processes instant. Watch the video above for a full list of all changes, or follow this link to read the 2.0 build change list.

Prison Architect is currently available at 75% off on Steam (£4.99 or your regional equivalent). I don’t often comment a game prices, but trust me this one’s a steal!

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