OUTRIDERS – Several New Trailers

Posted on 25 Aug 2020

People Can Fly and Square Enix have released a few new trailers for their upcoming RPG shooter OUTRIDERS. In the embed above features an eight-minute coop gameplay video while the rest of the playlist also features trailers for the newly unveiled Technomancer class as well as a video taking a close look at the Devastator class.

Official Press Release


New Gameplay Video Showcases the Technomancer and Co-op Play

LONDON, UK (August 25th, 2020) – SQUARE ENIX® today unveiled the final class in the highly anticipated RPG-Shooter, OUTRIDERS™, the upcoming game from People Can Fly, the developers of Gears of War: Judgment and BULLETSTORM, and Square Enix External Studios, the minds behind SLEEPING DOGS® and JUST CAUSE®.

Watch the OUTRIDERS “Co-op Carnage” Gameplay Video Here:

Working alongside Devastator and Pyromancer teammates in an intense trench warfare battle, the Technomancer takes centre stage, showcasing their abilities during one of the many challenging battles players will experience in OUTRIDERS.

Featuring a truly free-form blend of weapons and powers that will turn you into a superhuman god of the battlefield, OUTRIDERS is an aggressive, intensely brutal RPG-Shooter experience that challenges you to define your playstyle and master the synergies between your powers, class builds and equipment. Play alone or team with up to two other players and create deadly combinations as you journey across the dangerous and hostile planet of Enoch.

“The Techomancer is an exciting and flexible class that can be built as anything from crowd control focused support, to a high-powered artillery heavy damage dealer. They’re a great addition to any team of OUTRIDERS”, said Bartek Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly. “Co-op in OUTRIDERS is an intense and challenging experience that allows for a great variety of team synergies and power combinations. Players will need to truly master their team tactics in order to take on the toughest challenges in the game”.

For more information, watch the rest of OUTRIDERS Broadcast #3 – The Technomancer Unveiled here: https://sqex.link/BC3Playlist

OUTRIDERS will release on PlayStation 5®, PlayStation 4®, Xbox Series X, the Xbox One family of devices, and PC in Holiday 2020. ESRB Mature/PEGI 18+

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