OUTRIDERS – PC Features and Requirements Trailer

People Can Fly and Square Enix have released a six and a half minute long trailer detailing the extensive customisation options available for PC players of OUTRIDERS. These include the usual suite of graphics options, rebindable controls, DLSS and ANSEL support, and a customisable UI. The game's requirements are also detailed at the start of…

OUTRIDERS – Post Campaign Expeditions Reveal

People can Fly and Square Enix have released a new video about the post-campaign content in upcoming RPG-shooter OUTRIDERS. These expeditions will expand the story and feature the toughest challenges in the game meant to be faced with a team of skilled players. OUTRIDERS is releasing on PC and current and next-generation PlayStation and Xbox…

OUTRIDERS – Releasing February

People Can Fly and Square Enix have announced that their RPG-shooter OUTRIDERS is releasing on 2 February 2021 for PC, current and next-gen consoles (excluding Switch), and Stadia. Check out the new release date trailer above.
NEWS 28 Aug 2020­ by Jay Shaw

Gamescom 2020: Opening Night Live

Last night was the opening night of Gamescom 2020 and boy did they show a truckload of games. As usual, you can find the whole two and a half hour stream above and, if you don't fancy wading through that, we've got coverage of individual games below. Let's get to it! Scarlet Nexus Starting off…

OUTRIDERS – Several New Trailers

People Can Fly and Square Enix have released a few new trailers for their upcoming RPG shooter OUTRIDERS. In the embed above features an eight-minute coop gameplay video while the rest of the playlist also features trailers for the newly unveiled Technomancer class as well as a video taking a close look at the Devastator…

Outriders – Journey and Structure Trailer

People Can Fly and Square Enix have released a new video that takes a look at the structure of their upcoming RPG shooter OUTRIDERS. Additionally, they're revealed that celebrated composer Inon Zur will be working on the game's soundtrack. OUTRIDERS is releasing sometime in the Holiday 2020 period for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, and…
NEWS 14 Jun 2020­ by Jay Shaw

E3: Future Games Show 2020

The third show of this year's not-E3 is Games Radar's Future Games Show. As with all the others, you can watch the full show in the embed above or keep reading to see what individual games have to offer in a bit more detail. Quantum Error The first game on show from TeamKill Media is…
NEWS 11 Jun 2019­ by Sawyer Scherbenske

E3: Square Enix 2019

Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix kicked off their E3 show with a massive info dump on everything Final Fantasy 7 Remake. After a large chunk of gameplay showing off parts of the initial bombing run mission, explaining the new ATB system, and the scorpion sentinel boss, Tetsuya Nomura took the stage to thank longtime…