OpenIV Ultimate Modding Tool Is No More

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On June 5th, the creators of OpenIV, the hugely popular tool to mod Grand Theft Auto IV, Grand Theft Auto V and Max Payne 3, received a Cease-and-Desist letter from Take Two Interactive, insisting that the OpenIV Team take down the tool from all websites that they’ve uploaded it to. GooD-NTS, the lead developer of OpenIV, assures that he followed the laws of his home country of Russia, and did nothing wrong. However, Take Two are obviously disagreeing with them… hence the C&D letter.

Now, who’s wrong and who’s right is not for me to decide, but let’s agree that this is indeed a bad day for GTA’s modding community. However, the tool still exists out there in the wild on many gamer’s PC’s, they just won’t be developing or distributing the tool any further themselves. This doesn’t mean no one else could upload it somewhere or even start developing a similar tool. It’s also a good example of why open-source is so important. Take Two would probably still try and stop them from further development, bu people would have already made dozens of other forks from the source code making it almost impossible to take down such a grandiose project completely.

As for the question as to why Take Two Interactive would stop OpenIV? Well, someone I talked to made a good point by saying that the Red Dead Redemption mod from earlier this year, and possibly many other mods that interfere with Take Two’s existing IP’s, are a good reason for stopping mods right at the source before other projects start appearing. I tend to agree with him on this, it’s nothing new that big companies protect their IP’s, and Take Two is not an exception to this, especially as Red Dead Redemption 2 is just around the corner. A Red Dead modification for GTA, which could have turned out to be just another garbage mod among a sea of trash, could quite possibly blemish the image of the upcoming sequel to Red Dead Redemption.

Do I agree that Take Two Interactive did the right thing here? Of course not… modding is an integral part of Grand Theft Auto legacy on PC, and with PC gaming in general, but this won’t stop people from creating mods either, nor should it, if anything, it will just fuel more modding in spite. You will still be able to overwrite the Sanchez with a magical flying broom… or add in ‘The Hulk’ for shits ‘n giggles, but it’s obvious what kind of a message Take Two Interactive is putting out there in the world of PC gaming: “DON’T mess with our IP’s”, or you too could face legal action.

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David Pink
Posted 19 Jun 2017, 18:28
As a person who spends more time adjusting, tweaking and modding a game then I do playing them, I have to say that this is a shitty move, regardless of the reasons. A great game completely marred by greed and stupidity.

It's looking very obvious as to why this was done... follow the money. They also seemingly think that OpenIV was used for multiplayer... which as far as I'm aware, completely disabled online play when using the mod, similarly to how ReShade (SweetFX) disables certain shader's and functionality which could be used to exploit online.
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