Grand Theft Auto V ‘Finance and Felony’ Update

Posted on 07 Jun 2016 by
David Pink

A fair sized 1.3GB update has been released today on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One for Rockstar’s mega hit Grand Theft Auto V. The newest update focuses heavily on GTA Online, bringing with it lots of bug fixes, stability and optimization tweaks and some new features such as SecuroServ’s Special Cargo Network, which allows players to buy and sell all kinds of illegal goods to maximize profits and further bolster their ever growing empire.

Further improvements to GTA Online’s anti-cheat measures have been implemented, as well as network stability performance tweaks and a whole host of other fixes to help improve player’s online experience. Also newly added are Warehouse and Office properties which grant users a new spiffy CEO title, which comes with some very cool privileges, such as exclusive clothing, vehicles and your very own personal Executive Assistant.

For a much more detailed list of all the newest content and updates included with today’s patch, check out Rockstar’s Official GTA V forums.

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David Pink
Posted 09 Jun 2016, 23:29
I haven't gotten the chance to try out the new content yet, definitely sounds awesome tho, kinda wish this was available in Single Player back at launch when I put like 150 hours into it lol, I didn't mind the Online mode, was pretty cool but for some reason I just didn't put much time into it, perhaps this new stuff will stoke the fires and get me into it again.