Metro Exodus New Trailer and Release Window

Posted on 08 Dec 2017

Not an exact date as yet, but we can confirm that Metro Exodus will be hitting PC and consoles in the Autumn of 2018. Confirmed via the Game Awards last night, this announcement comes with a suitably grim and sombre trailer, apparently narrated by series protagonist Artyom’s fancy piece, Anna. As the name suggests, the main crux of the game is in the remaining troglodyte survivors trying to head out to somewhere new and, hopefully, build a life for themselves. It seems this will culminate in a massive action setpiece aboard a train and the above trailer seems to hint they might even, finally, be able to start living above ground.


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Posted 08 Dec 2017, 17:53
Bit weird that they had an ending.. (and eh, SPOILERS)... where artyom dies in Metro Last Light. So for people who got that ending, they can't play. The publisher removed the option to purchase the game, even in retail. Yes, i'm not serious.

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L Coulsen
Posted 09 Dec 2017, 10:57
I actually prefer the ending where Artyom dies as well, it felt a lot more authentic to the Metro universe. But eh