Hitman’s November Update Details

Posted on 28 Nov 2016 by
David Pink

Square Enix and Io-Interactive have announced a series of planned major updates to their popular episodic Hitman title. As the days lead up to the physical disc releases this January 2017, these new updates will add new content and improvements to Hitman across the board for all players.

The first major update is set to release today across all platforms; the November update (v1.7.0) will clock in at about 2.1GB and will be available for download via Steam shortly. Along with a long list of fixes come various general improvements to the game, both online and offline with the newest addition of an Offline Profile. Once the game syncs with the servers, players are free to play offline, but must go back online in order to receive new unlocks and updated content.

Below is a small list of fixes included with today’s patch:

  • Fixed several issues which caused opportunities in Paris to fail, depending on certain actions.
  • Agent 47 should not be able to vault into an inaccessible location in the Paris level.
  • Various inconsistent trespassing boundaries have been fixed in Sapienza and Marrakesh.
  • The ‘Open Sesame’ opportunity in Marrakesh should no longer fail when completed.
  • Fixed the issue where Agent 47 could ‘blend-in’ without needing the correct disguise in Bangkok.
  • The Rose’s Room Key should now successfully unlock Sean Rose’s door. (lol)
  • Colorado’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ mission is no longer impossible to complete under certain conditions.
  • Cinematics should no longer drop to low fps between missions (finally…)
  • Fixed combat stuttering issues, primarily found on DX12 systems.

The team behind Hitman has stated that new details about the December major update should be available in the coming weeks. I wonder if Agent 47 will have to go up against “Santa Claws” in a special Holiday Elusive Target Event, wouldn’t surprise me after the shenanigans with Gary Busy months before.

For a complete list of all things included in the November update, check out the release notes on Hitman‘s official site.

Official Press Release

The HITMAN November Update is a mandatory update for all players and includes improvements across the board.

Less than a month ago, we released the Season Finale; Episode 6 Hokkaido. This November Update is the first of a series of planned major game updates that will add new content and improvements to the game, both leading up to the physical disc release on January 31st 2017 and beyond. We always set out to create a game with a major live component and over the course of the first season, we have established exactly that by releasing content each and every week on top of the major location releases. A December Update is also on the horizon, but first things first. Here are the release notes for our November Update, also known as 1.7.0, as per the in-game menu.

November Update Release Timings

The HITMAN November Update releases worldwide across PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC on November 28th 2016. We expect the download size for this update to be 2.4GB on PS4, 13.6GB on Xbox One and 2.1GB on PC.


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